Mini Metro

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Rosh KellySep 09, 2018
Mini Metro is nothing like real public transport. Millions of people don't have to use it each day, but they might just want to instead.
Daan KoopmanSep 05, 2018
Pointer controls are a fun inclusion though, even though they should've made it easier to find. It is neat that you can play up to four people on the television, but the Mini Metro I like is personal and with me anywhere I go. The developers have done a good job translating the magic to the Nintendo Switch, which was honestly my biggest worry going in.
Mollie L PattersonSep 09, 2018
Mini Metro was a surprise hit for me when I first played it on computers four years ago, and I was really excited to finally see the game hit a proper console. While the controls aren’t quite as good as I was hoping they’d be, the game itself still remains enjoyable and engrossing, offering a more-than-worthwhile experience for anyone who hasn’t played Mini Metro on other platforms.
Justin SharpSep 26, 2018
For $9.99, Mini Metro provides a great deal of content and some decent, relaxing fun. I’m not a huge puzzle game fan for the most part but I did have some relaxing play sessions. If you’re looking for something to play on the subway or the plane for that matter, Mini Metro might just be the perfect fit for you.
Mikhail MadnaniSep 16, 2018
Mini Metro on the Switch is a fantastic and zen like strategy puzzle experience with elegant visuals and addictive gameplay.