Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition for Nintendo Switch

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

May 11, 2017
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Developer: 4J Studios
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The critically acclaimed Minecraft comes to the Nintendo Switch system. Create your very own game world to explore, build and conquer. When night falls the monsters appear, so ensure you've made yourself a shelter before they arrive. Make it through the night and the world is only limited by your imagination you choose what you want to make or what to do.

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Feb 11, 2021

This review is on the bedrock edition of the game. Minecraft, it’s great as always, runs smooth, and is a blast to play- is what I would say for the original edition of this game, sadly the “Bedrock Edition” is the complete opposite, the menus and interface are cluttered and hard to navigate, and half the game is just micro transactions, while almost all of it is cosmetic, it is extremely in your face, and you can’t even change your own avatar without it taking you to the store. The game itself doesn’t even run that well, it’s serviceable now, but at launch, the game would literally crash every 10 minutes, and the game still crashes fairly frequently. I’ve confirmed this isn’t just my system either. Under all the garbage their still is Minecraft under there, but it’s no where near the one we know and love, and I’m surprised most people just tolerates it. Overall this game is probably still worth picking up if you like, or think you would like Minecraft. The game still can be fun too, but the directions it’s been taking is disappointing to say the least.

Michael Down

Michael Down

Jan 4, 2021
joshua sazo

joshua sazo

Jan 3, 2021


Dec 15, 2020


Oct 24, 2020

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Justin NationMay 10, 2017
For fans of Minecraft, this absolutely seems like the version you’ve been waiting for if you wanted to get as close to a full-fledged experience as you could realistically want on a handheld device. For people who aren’t among the already-converted, it is still the same game it has always been, and it has its merits, but aside from portability there’s nothing more compelling about this version than there has ever been. It’s been well-established there’s a ton of game to be had here if you enjoy it, the Switch is just making it more easily accessible than it has ever been.
Mitch VogelMay 12, 2017
All told, this is yet another excellent port of Minecraft, nothing more and nothing less. With that being said, we would strongly recommend that you pick up this version, as the versatile setup of the Switch allows this to be the most easily accessible and playable Minecraft to date.
Kyle HansonMay 10, 2017
This is simply the best portable version of Minecraft available. It runs well, the worlds are large, and the solid 60fps framerate can’t be oversold. Splitscreen on the go is fantastic, though anything beyond two players gets a bit crazy. On the TV this isn’t the best version out there, but it’s solid enough to compete with its console brethren. If you haven’t played Minecraft, or just want it in handheld form, then this should be an easy buy.