Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix for Nintendo Switch

Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix

Nov 8, 2018
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Developer: RideonJapan
Content Rating: Teen


Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix challenges your tactical nous across a lengthy and challenging campaign. The Kingdom of Dryden has an incredible history thanks to the story of a Phoenix facing down enemies generations ago; now, buoyed by that legacy, King Harold continually seeks conflict. Follow the tale of a band of mercenaries, working for coin but then challenged to consider whether their actions, and those of King Harold, are what is best for the land. What follows is a story of war, betrayal, magical lore and redemption for a nation!

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Gavin LaneNov 15, 2018
If it were a launch title, we’d recommend tactics fans investigate Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix, at least until something better came along, but something better did come along – several things, in fact. If you’re an insatiable tactics fiend who’s munched through everything else, including the previous collection, this is stodgy, competent filler that should keep you going for a while; it’s a supermarket meal deal or a plate of cocktail sausages.
Elizabeth HengesNov 27, 2018
But more of the same isn’t good enough when console players just got three games in this series earlier in the year. There’s not much to engage the player here--almost everything about the game is completely average. I wouldn’t say Mercenaries Wings is a bad game, it’s simply difficult to recommend spending your time playing it when there other, more polished games. If you’re an SRPG nut that’s starved for new games then Mercenaries Wings might be the game you’re looking for, but otherwise, I’d spend your time elsewhere.
Matthew OlivoNov 22, 2018
In the end, while I do see a number of downsides and flaws with Mercenaries Wings, it’s still an enjoyable game. It just requires some polish to go from good to great. Its easy mode is perfect for those looking to enjoy the story or use it to get into strategy RPGs and the “normal” mode is great for anyone looking for a serious challenge. So, I’d recommend at the very least consider giving it a go if strategy RPGs are right up your ally.

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