Memoranda for Nintendo Switch


Nov 6, 2020
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About this game

Developer: Bit ByterZ
Content Rating: Teen


Memoranda is a classic 2D Point & Click game for Linux, Mac and PC. It include more than 40 scenes, 30 characters and numerous puzzles. The puzzles are not always very easy to solve, but there are always enough clues in the story to solve them. This is the protagonist, who little by little realizes she is forgetting her own name. Interestingly, after working on the game for several years, we forgot to actually have a name for this character, and just use a nickname for her. But is she really losing her memory? Or is there something else that would explain the strange circumstances? We will find out as the story unfolds.

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Rachel PoliDec 02, 2020
The game’s only saving grace is that it’s absolutely beautiful. The hand-drawn art style is amazing, and the various areas and backgrounds are a sight to see. Also, the music and sound effects were clear and lively as well. The design and sound teams on this one did an excellent job. The game is worth checking out for that alone.