Mechstermination Force for Nintendo Switch

Mechstermination Force

Apr 4, 2019
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Developer: Horberg Productions
Content Rating: Everyone


Battle against massive bosses, jump and climb onto them to find their weakspots and blow them to kingdom come in this action packed platforming boss rush, from the creator of the Gunman Clive series. When the MegaMechs have taken control of the world, one small group of brave soldiers are still fighting for humanity's independence. Join them and lead the charge against the mechanical menace. Get powerful weapons and upgrades! Use the Magnet Gloves to climb on top of robots the size of Skyscrapers, double jump over pools of lava with the Boost Boots, and use your trusty baseball bat to smash the MegaMechs energy cores.

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Tomas FranzeseMay 06, 2019
If you are looking for another run ‘n gun boss rush game for Nintendo Switch, Mechstermination Force is definitely a great option and cements Hörberg Productions as one of the most consistently great Nindie developers. As the indie scene on Nintendo Switch gets more and more crowded, it is important to know which titles are worth your time. If you enjoyed some of the other titles I compared Mechstermination Force to in the review, this new Switch exclusive is definitely worth checking out.
Pernell VaughanApr 04, 2019
If your run and gun action requires item pick-ups and long stages then you, unfortunately, won’t be seeing that action here. Likewise for if you like your games to be light on the challenge side. However, if you are here looking for some very tight and well-designed white-knuckle boss shootouts that unfold over colorful scenery and sweet tunes, then Mechstermination Force is absolutely the game for you. Before getting this review code, this title was surprisingly unknown to me but I’ve come away from it feeling like it may be one of my favorite games on the Nintendo Switch. It doesn’t try to be overly ambitious but, instead, takes one a core concept and does one hell of a job with it. Seriously, get out there and mash some metal!
Chris BowmanApr 10, 2019
Overall, Mechstermination Force is a pretty good title for the Switch. I wish it had full levels like games had in the ’90s. It would feel like a much fuller game, and I think people would have a lot more fun. For the very low price of $11.99 USD, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this game. Just be sure all you want to do is play against bosses. Other than that, have lots of fun with this game.

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