Mary Skelter 2

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Scott JeslisNov 20, 2019
Mary Skelter 2 is a wonderful, first-person dungeon-romping adventure RPG. Even if you're not an anime fan you'll find some delightful and fun characters here to enjoy. The game is packed with things to manage and a few gameplay doldrum avoiders in "Jail Trails" and puzzles encountered along the way. The beautiful character drawings and voice acting can be enjoyed equally well at home or on the go!
Chao Min WuDec 10, 2019
In addition to its gameplay, Mary Skelter 2’s story is its main selling point. Filled with twists, the narrative is enjoyable and is a notable improvement over the first game. Players looking for a complete overhaul with the story will likely be disappointed, but those who were disappointed with the ending of the original will likely be much more satisfied with the sequel’s.
Chris ShiveOct 15, 2019
The gameplay isn’t exactly groundbreaking but there’s enough going on to keep the formula feeling fresh with the environmental puzzles and hazards along with the customization of blood maidens. Compile Heart/Idea Factory titles have their own weird charm about them and those familiar with their other titles will find that same comfort with this one. Overall Mary Skelter 2 is a fun dungeon crawler that finds a healthy balance between levity and disturbing.
Kenny McKeeOct 28, 2019
Hopefully, by now I’ve convinced you just how much of a bang-up job that Mary Skelter 2, and that those of you who played Nightmares should definitely get in on this action. But what about those of you who haven’t played Nightmares, you asked? Well, there’s one more thing that I forgot to mention. This game? Mary Skelter 2? It comes packaged with the first one. No, it’s not through some marketplace or third-party deal; Mary Skelter: Nightmares—the entire first game—is literally thrown into Mary Skelter 2 as a “post-game bonus”.
Jordan RudekOct 22, 2019
A lot of nagging issues keep Mary Skelter from being a must-play title, and instead I see it reserved more for people who want incredibly deep mechanics and aren’t turned off by pedestrian story-telling. If you’re willing to put the time in, you can unlock costumes and even Mary Skelter: Nightmares, the first entry in the series, but approach this dungeon-crawler with caution. You won’t be able to avoid the anime girls in various states of undress nor skip walls of insipid dialogue.
Jason ColesNov 27, 2019
Mary Skelter 2 is a fun game at its core, but it surrounds that with a lot of elements that detract from the experience and make it almost unplayable in public, at home, or anywhere you think your screen could be seen. Fanservice isn't an inherently bad thing, but the characters are all way too young to be used in this way, and it's just not great. The customisation is good, and the combat gets great the further you press on, but it's hard to ignore the random instances of undressed girls sprinkled throughout the game.
Gabriel JonesOct 19, 2019
With Mary Skelter 2, Compile Heart has shown that they can deliver a phenomenal DRPG. Every aspect of this entry has been refined to a near-flawless level. The labyrinths are fun to explore, and their gimmicks, while plentiful, never reach the point of overbearing. Instead, they lend the adventure a unique identity, one that's rarely seen in dungeon crawlers. As far as battle-systems go, the developer has done a lot to keep this from being one-dimensional.
A.J. MaciejewskiOct 17, 2019
Very few dungeon crawlers are as rewarding as Mary Skelter 2. Even with its few easily forgivable flaws, its supremely satisfying gameplay shines through while its cast of characters remains charming even though they inhabit such a twisted world.
Jens BischoffNov 18, 2019
Klassischer Dungeon-Crawler mit bizarrer Note und interessanten Features, aber nur mäßiger Plattformanpassung, bei dem der Vorgänger gleich mit an Bord ist.
André ReisMay 08, 2020
Mary Skelter 2 tem imensos sistemas e mecânicas que tornam a experiência algo que demora a aprender. Todos estes elementos, no entanto, formam algo bastante maior que em conjunto com um enredo extenso e com a adição gratuita do primeiro jogo tornam Mary Skelter 2 uma compra bastante apetecível na Nintendo Switch. Um jogo muito aliciante, especialmente para fãs de DRPG como Etrian Odyssey.
DottorKillexNov 25, 2019
Mary Skelter 2 conferma il raggiungimento della piena maturità di una software house come Compile Heart, dopo le recenti buone prove con Death End re;Quest e Dragon Star Varnir. Siamo dinanzi ad un dungeon crawler solido, longevo, con un livello di sfida piacevolmente stimolante, che va ad arricchire, in esclusiva, la libreria di Nintendo Switch.