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James PaleyOct 28, 2021
The game looks modern, but feels more like a classic entry in the franchise. If the thing you were missing was frustration and elation in equal measure, then yours will be a rich bounty indeed. For better and for worse, this is a heaping helping of the cruel whimsy you remember so well. Mario Party Superstars is a glamorous trip down cherished paths you’ve mostly blocked from your memory.
Josh BroadwellNov 08, 2021
The Switch has no shortage of multiplayer games, but there's a strong case that Mario Party Superstars is among the best on the platform. I've had more fun with it than I've had in a long time, even with laggy internet and the occasional spammy rando. It's some of the best of Mario Party, and I only hope we see even more added to it in the coming months.
Trevor GouldNov 09, 2021
With Mario Party Superstars alongside Super Mario Party, the Nintendo Switch has two different but great series installments. While Superstars would benefit from more boards, it’s a charming nostalgia-laden trip with far-reaching multiplayer appeal for family and friends of all ages. It’s also replayable as ever, with online play, achievements, and unlockables.
Megan PetersOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a fun game like those before it, and its nostalgic flair is endearing enough to cover its flaws.
Brian SheaOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is either a delightful stroll down memory lane or a great way to experience these games for the first time. No matter your history, it's a worthwhile celebration of the Mario Party franchise.
Randolph RamsayOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars certainly provides the highs that the series is capable of, but unless you're restricted to playing on the Switch Lite or itching to play with a Pro Controller, there's a better version of this game available for you and your loved ones to play in Super Mario Party.
Eric Van AllenNov 14, 2021
It isn’t just the Nintendo 64 nostalgia talking here; this is a good collection of minigames, a smart board selection, a nice-looking game, and it’s got tons of settings, dials, and options to fiddle with for repeat play sessions. It might not be filled with new ideas, but Mario Party Superstars plays the hits, and plays them as well as it did the first time around.
Dave AubreyOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is an excellent package for long-suffering Mario Party fans, but it's almost certainly not going to lead to any new converts. Online multiplayer is a nice feature to have at launch, and the variety of 100 minigames will keep things feeling fresh for your first dozen hours of play at least.
Eric HallidayNov 02, 2021
Graphically, the game’s really pretty. The boards rebuilt from the ground up along with the mini-games. And when you start each board, Toad will show you “pictures” from the first time you visited the island, allowing you to see how parts of the board looked in the Nintendo 64 era so you can witness the nightmare of a Yoshi covered in sharp corners.
Heather Johnson YuNov 04, 2021
Mario Party Superstars brings back the best boards of the first games and the best mini-games of the franchise, updating them with all the mechanics we’ve come to know and love over the course of 23 years. Although it only has 5 boards and a lineup of 10 playable characters, it does a lot right on those boards and with those characters, so it’s hard to complain too much.
Elliott GaticaNov 01, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a blast from the past put into a very clean and modern package. It’ll definitely be more appealing to older generations of gamers who grew up before the early 2000s. The minigames and maps have aged well and showcase moments that truly defined the Mario Party franchise more than 20 years later.
Garth KaestnerNov 17, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a tribute to the past entries to the series as well as a “Thank you” to all the fans of the series requesting a more classical approach over the years. Hopefully this will set the tone for future instalments dropping the unnecessary gimmicks and sticking to what fans love most: minigames, “unfair” dice rolls and new enemies that at the beginning of the game were close friends.
olivershelldingNov 05, 2021
Sure, there aren’t as many characters to choose from, but there’s enough, and Waluigi is here, so at least give him that. This isn’t a bold new album from your favorite band, it’s a remastered Greatest Hits CD, and it’s bittersweet. You remember everything you loved, and are told, gently but firmly, that there isn’t going to be anything new or good under the sun. That needs to be okay, because we don’t have a choice otherwise.
Jacob BukacekNov 01, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a worthy compilation of all of the series’ greatest hits. It has a great selection of minigames with plenty of different ways to enjoy them. The core board game works well for the most part, albeit somewhat hampered by Nintendo’s online infrastructure and some imbalanced design decisions.
Rosh KellyOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars offers a selection of completely revamped boards from the earliest days of the franchise. It might not offer much new, or change much, but it looks and feels as wild as fun as you remember.
William CennamoOct 28, 2021
Overall, Mario Party Superstars does exactly what it set out to do: Make the best of the best in the series. It takes two decades worth of Mario Party minigames and combines them into a perfect little party package. There's really nothing new in Mario Party Superstars, but what is here is pure nostalgia and the perfect entry for any player new to the series.
Ryan JanesOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars dips back into the series twenty-plus year history to deliver an entry that’s huge amounts of fun and sure to please long-time fans hungry for a more traditional Mario Party experience. Not only a warm nostalgic trip but the best party Mario has thrown in some time.
Ken McKownJan 06, 2022
There is also an online mode now as well as the ability to play locally with multiple consoles. The fact that none of the games require motion control means that any controller will work, including the clearly superior Pro Controller. I had a ton of fun playing this with my family and it is easy to recommend for just about anyone. Here is to another generation of gamers getting simultaneously angry and overjoyed at the divisive Mario Party series.
Ozzie MejiaNov 08, 2021
As is the case with almost every Mario Party game, be aware of what you're getting into with Superstars. If you're not careful, friendships will take a hit, just because of the random nature of this beast. That's just Mario Party.
Alex OlneyOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a love letter to the parties you remember attending 20 years ago. A disappointingly slim selection of boards takes the shine off things somewhat, but it’s hard to argue that this is the best Mario Party has been in over a decade. No new ideas absolutely feels like a missed opportunity, but by the same token we’d much prefer to have all these classic ideas intact rather than potentially tainting them with unwanted and unnecessary inclusions only added for the sake of being new. Grab a can of Tango and a fistful of 10p Freddos — you’re going to party like it’s 1999.
Xander MorningstarJan 10, 2022
As of now, there are five boards, 100 mini-games, and ten playable characters. Rumblings of DLC have been floating around, and that would be very welcome. Such rumblings invoke a greater discussion on whether a sequel should be made with the same or different mini-games, or if this title could now act as a platform for the series.
Mitchell SaltzmanOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is an amalgamation of some of the best boards, minigames, mechanics, and quality of life improvements from the whole series, resulting in the best Mario Party has been in a very long time.
Jorge Ba-ohOct 30, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a comeback tour for the series, a love letter to frantic marathon runs and celebrates Mario Party in a truly spectacular way. An impressive package that's stitched together with striking visuals, an upgraded soundtrack and robust online play.
Stefan LOct 28, 2021
After a decade of games that sought to reinvent and renew the series, Mario Party Superstars rewinds time for a reminder of what made Mario Party popular in the first place. Five gorgeously recreated boards, 100 cherry-picked minigames, and countless opportunities to plan and scheme your way to victory... so long as the dice roll in your favour.
Adam CookOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars won't change anyone's mind, but for those of us who enjoy it, there ain't no party like a Mario Party-party.
Stephen LaGioiaNov 28, 2021
A slew of fun content, sleek presentation, QoL improvements, and solid online play make this a definitive Mario Party game. Being a sort of antithesis of the more unique, motion-heavy Super Mario Party, diehard fans of that game may be somewhat turned off by this reprisal, with its far safer approach. But if you can appreciate this one for what it is - a polished, fleshed-out homage to Golden Era-Mario Party - then this gem really shines.
Nathan EllingsworthOct 28, 2021
An outstanding celebration of the series’ legacy, coupled with well-implemented online features and gameplay tweaks. Mario Party Superstars is a thrilling roller coaster of emotions that has refined this formula to near perfection.
Ash MerciaNov 26, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is N64 nostalgia remastered. Collect stars, stickers, and achievements while messing with your friends! With five updated game boards, and minigames from the N64 and GameCube eras, fans will be able to squeeze plenty of fun out of this one.
Jonas MäkiOct 28, 2021
The rating thus stays at a very solid eight. This is the best Mario Party game since the GameCube-era and proof that this series was actually better before. Each and every round is automatically exciting right to the end, shaky and memorable - and thus serves as an explanation as to why the series has actually survived all these years.
GameCentralOct 28, 2021
Mario Party may be the least requested Nintendo remake ever but that doesn’t mean this compilation is any less worthwhile. It’s silly, shallow, and relies an awful lot on luck but then so do most traditional board games. Its real purpose has always been to entertain the broadest selection of players possible, including those that have never played a video game in their life, and in that resect Mario Party Superstars is as successful as ever.
Dave MorrishNov 10, 2021
A.J. MaciejewskiOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars contains tons of super-fun mini-games and a handful of beautifully recreated classic boards from the N64 era. You really can't go wrong with that so grab a few friends and party on, chums!
Dayna EileenOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars somehow manages to entertain and impress while bringing almost nothing new to the table aside from some annoying stickers and appreciated save features. Nintendo knows the road to success is nostalgia, and they manage to use it to hit the mark every time.
Ben SalterOct 29, 2021
Nintendo returns to basics to deliver the best Mario Party game in years. By returning to the golden era of boards and leaning upon an accomplished roster of proven minigames, it doesn’t have to search for a gimmick to differentiate itself and can instead focus on what has already made Mario Party great.
Shannon GrixtiOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is a fun, nostalgic ride and will provides hours of fun among groups of friends. However, it's hard not to look at what else could be added when there's such a rich pool of content to pull from, and most other games have launched with more on offer.
Nathan RudgeNov 20, 2021
Mario Party Superstars is an amazing return to the formula that truly is a love letter for fans who’ve played the series before things changed. It boasts an incredible selection of minigames, iconic boards and a solid online connection that allows for players to enjoy the game with friends across the globe. While there may be some ridiculous swings in how a player can go from first to last and vice versa, this has been a staple in the Mario Party franchise so there’s not a lot to truly complain about here.
Carlos LeivaOct 28, 2021
Un divertido juego de tablero y minijuegos con el que pasarlo en grande junto a nuestros amigos reviviendo algunos de los mejores contenidos de la saga.
Salva FernándezOct 28, 2021
If there is one thing I can say in its favor, is that it does serve up some form of creativity in its sound design and visual atmosphere. If nothing else, perhaps the unique twists in the haunted house-style approach will be a more succulent treat if the style of the game is to your tastes. Subway Midnight’s style didn’t work for me, but it may for you. That is the hidden charm of indie horror, it can appeal to the tastes of anyone if they know where to look.
David CruzOct 28, 2021
Poco más que decir: el mejor Mario Party Superstars simplemente por tener lo que le faltaba a la saga, ¡su multijugador online!
David OñaOct 28, 2021
Un nuevo Mario Party siempre es una buena noticia para todo aquel que guste de unas partidas en casa en compañía de los amigos. Por lo que, como viene siendo habitual, la diversión está garantizada. Pero esta entrega desprende un grado de dejadez que la aleja, demasiado, de la última iteración de la franquicia. Su valor queda sujeto a las ganas que tengáis de reencontraros con los minijuegos que trae de vuelta. Como conjunto, la anterior entrega está muy por encima.
Drishnar Abigaíl LabastidaNov 11, 2021
Mario Party Superstars no es un game changer porque no necesita serlo y, en muchos sentidos, se agradece que no lo intente. Se trata de la esencia más pura de Mario Party, sin controles de movimiento, sin aliados, sin dados especiales, únicamente valen la suerte para caer en las casillas adecuadas, la habilidad para ganar en los minijuegos y la capacidad estratégica para usar ítems. Mario Party Superstars es 2 cosas principalmente: un medio para revivir las primeras entregas de la serie y la mejor manera de vivirlas por primera vez.
Jesús BellaOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars ofrece justo lo que se planteaba: una divertida recuperación de la esencia de la saga. Lo hace con tableros y minijuegos de algunos de los títulos mejor recordados de Mario Party, echando la mirada atrás pero sin perder de vista el presente. La mejor constatación no es la profunda reforma gráfica y jugable aplicada, sino la incorporación de un online que funciona en todos los modos de juego. Es algo escaso en contenidos, pero si quieres echar tardes party, es una de las mejores opciones que hay en Nintendo Switch.
Bruno SolOct 28, 2021
Un divertidísimo revival de tableros y pruebas de N64 y GC que demuestra que Nintendo tomó buena nota del feedback recibido tras la anterior entrega de Switch. Si juegas con amigos y familia, o vía Online, te lo pasarás en grande. En solitario, contra la IA, te divertirás con los minijuegos, pero la mecánica del tablero te acabará aburriendo.
DefaOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars ha sido un fabuloso viaje lleno de nostalgia en el que además, he descubierto mucho de lo que me perdí de la franquicia luego de separarme de ella. Además, ha sido una gran oportunidad de revisitar lo que hace tan especial a esta serie que muchos colocan como algo menor dentro de Nintendo. Estoy verdaderamente satisfecho con lo que NDcube hizo a nivel de remake, revitalizando a cosas que llevaban más de dos décadas guardadas. ¿Para quién es recomendable esta experiencia? La verdad es que para cualquiera.
la_redactionOct 28, 2021
La compilation, destinée à rythmer vos réunions de famille, saura vous séduire en un claquement de doigts en vous rappelant de merveilleux souvenirs, tout du moins si vous avez joué aux épisodes passés. Le tout profite en plus de mini-jeux accessibles et amusants et d'un enrobage visuel fort réussi. Toutefois, notons tout de même que Mario Party Superstars manque de contenu et partage trop de points communs avec son ainé.
Benjamin BenoitNov 16, 2021
Soixante euros pour un tel contenu, c'est un peu léger, jeune homme. Passé ce cap, vous aurez un best-of soigné mais pas particulièrement généreux pour retrouver - ou découvrir - la franchise Mario Party, l'agent du chaos, à son meilleur.
Yann BernardNov 02, 2021
Ces trouble-fêtes demeurent de mise, en dépit des ajustements visant à déterminer les facteurs aléatoires. D'aucuns les jugeront plus inhérents au concept que dans Mario Kart par exemple. Pourtant de tels évènements lors d'une partie théoriquement dénuée d'étoile bonus constituent un véritable écueil entre compétiteurs purs et durs, en réseau local ou en ligne. Cette dimension conviviale s'exprime néanmoins sans le moindre accroc par ailleurs, de surcroît avec les cartes Mario Party personnalisables selon ses goûts, histoire de trouver des camarades qui les partagent. Mais à l'image du bateau qui vogue jusqu'à la montagne aux mini-jeux répartis en plusieurs modes classiques (défis quotidiens, matchs en équipe ou combats de pièces), cet épisode ressemble à une arche de Noé pour la série, faute de nouvelles perspectives.
Fabien PellegriniNov 09, 2021
De notre côté, cela nous réjouit pleinement car la reconnaissance de mouvements s'avère généralement trop imprécise pour être réellement agréable. Le revers de la médaille, c'est que Mario Party Superstars ne tire aucunement partie des spécificités de la Switch, qu'il s'agisse des Joy-Con ou de l'écran tactile. Mais le revers du revers de la médaille (vous suivez toujours?) c'est qu'il est possible de jouer avec un gamepad pro et que toutes les options de connexion sont disponibles : hors ligne sur une seule Switch , multijoueurs en local avec plusieurs consoles, et jeu en ligne avec des amis ou des inconnus.
André HenriquesOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars reformula muito do conteúdo que ajudou a moldar a série, que já conta com mais de 10 iterações, introduzindo funcionalidades há muito pedidas pelos fãs, como modo o online e a possibilidade de poderem jogar em modo portátil. Estas decisões formulam um jogo com inúmeros pormenores para apreciar, mas que o limita ao tentar apelar a todos. Ainda assim, este é um título essencial para todos aqueles que procuram um Party Game para encontros em família e amigos, compilando alguns dos melhores e mais divertidos minijogos de sempre da série.
Biagio EtnaOct 28, 2021
Mario Party Superstars, con tutti i suoi limiti, resta un'istituzione incrollabile. Svecchiare un po' il ritmo dei tabelloni, tuttavia, è certamente la prossima priorità di Nintendo.