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Love Nurmi

Love Nurmi

Apr 11, 2021


Apr 11, 2021


Mar 14, 2021
Luis Vargas

Luis Vargas

Mar 31, 2021
Kamil Jakubowski

Kamil Jakubowski

Mar 25, 2021

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Mar 31, 2021

The quintessence of the Mario Kart series, since Mario Kart Wii


  • Great racing mechanics
  • Very low-level learning curve
  • The character roster is huge and amazing.
  • The stage selection is large and appeals to all fans of the series. (and others too!) Some stages even appear from other franchises!
  • Customization is easy and provides players with the feel of designing a race-car to win. It offers players the choice to cut-down some aspects of the car to improve on others.
  • The battle mode and online parts are decent (as compared to other Nintendo online services)


  • The game feels very bland and repetitive after a while. Especially for the players who do not have a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online and for players who do not play with anyone else locally.
  • Aside from a few quality of life improvements, the game doesn't feel too different from Mario Kart 8.
  • The roster is largely the same as the previous game and doesn't have any new characters added to it.
  • The game largely feels like a port rather than a sequel which, technically that is what it is supposed to be, but it upsets many fans, especially the ones who already own Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U

Nonetheless, this game is one of, if not the best Mario Kart game to date and should be there on every switch.

Mar 27, 2021

It’s a little bit hard and it is a Mario game

Mar 2, 2021
10/10 a classic
Feb 28, 2021
Mario kart 8 deluxe has some of the most incredible tracks in the series history, and though their is a bit less content than I was hoping for, what you get is absolutely worth picking up. Let me start by talking about the single player content that this game provides. First of all, their is a Grand Prix mode where you race against bots and try to get first place. Their is also a time trial mode where you try to beat your best times. But for single players, that’s pretty much it. Where this game shines is in its multiplayer. Playing together with a group of friends in this game is unlike anything else in any other video game I’ve played. It’s super fun and competitive, and you will loose track of time while together with others. Next, I want to talk about it’s online mode. It’s just like the grand prix mode, but this time you are racing against actual people. I would recommend playing this mode if you got rewarded when you ranked up, but you don’t. So, their is pretty much no reason to play online unless you really want more Mario kart. To sum everything up, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has excellent gameplay, but not enough of it. What you get is a great multiplayer game, but a lack luster single player game. So if you are planning on playing this with others, I couldn’t recommend it enough. But if you are alone, their are better games you can get for your money.
Jan 14, 2021
Its mario kart
xWisp x
Jan 8, 2021
It’s definitely an improvement since Mario Kart 7. It has way more items, characters, karts (wheels and gliders), and tracks. And, I think it goes without saying that the graphics are way better in Mario Kart 8 (Wii U and Switch). It’s also funny to get revenge on friends and family members (siblings) by beatings them ;).
Oct 24, 2020
Best MarioKart game ever
Oct 19, 2020
It´s so addictive! And online game play is an amazing feature!
Oct 19, 2020
Still the best karting game so far
Sep 13, 2020
so addicting
Jul 20, 2020
awesome game you would love couch or online but to be fair you need nerves of steel to be able to handle last round mayhem.
Jul 7, 2020
This game is incredibly fun!
Jun 12, 2020
excellent game ever so that's why dad buying

me a nintendo switch but not lite
Jun 1, 2020
Its fun but the fun only lasts a week or so.
May 27, 2020
Worst mario kart its sad they havent released an actual new one for the switch
Oct 30, 2019
Amazing racer as the mario kart games always are.
Aug 10, 2019
This game is so much fun and was the first game I got for the Switch. Only problem keeps happening: Nintendo servers seem to be laggy and disruptive sometimes and it would be nice to play online with others without dealing with lag. But, all on all, it is one of the best Mario kart game titles.