Maddening Euphoria for Nintendo Switch

Maddening Euphoria

Jun 28, 2019
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Developer: Chequered Ink Ltd.
Content Rating: Teen


Maddening Euphoria is a unique, challenging arcade game with randomly generated level design, in which you control brother and sister duet Mason and Millicent Zane as they flee from their own imagined realisation of their troubles in life - an inescapable wall of death - while avoiding bottomless pits, deadly spikes and speed-reducing pools of thick goo. Keep within spitting distance of the wall to receive a short, colourful Second Wind speed boost and gain the opportunity to be one eighth euphoric.

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Alex HardingJun 12, 2019
Maddening Euphoria provides a whole new meaning to the phrase “running around in circles”. The concept of navigating through a never-ending ball-in-a-maze puzzle is such a unique concept that for just $1USD, it’s a no brainer to download onto your Switch just to experience what innovating level design can offer. Unfortunately, the psychedelic art style makes it difficult to concentrate on the screen for long periods of time, and you may not want to after a few unavoidable cheap deaths.

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