Little Nightmares: Complete Edition for Nintendo Switch

Little Nightmares: Complete Edition

May 18, 2018
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Developer: Tarsier Studios
Content Rating: Teen


Do you remember your childhood fears? Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears as you help Six

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Sep 15, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. I wouldn't necessarily call it horror, so if your looking to be scared out of your mind, you can come back to this one. The stealth parts of this game are very well done and create a lot of tension.



Jun 6, 2020
Moustafa Nabil

Moustafa Nabil

May 8, 2020


Nov 14, 2019

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Darren PalmaMay 18, 2018
Little Nightmares: Complete Edition is the type of game that will train you to live in the shadows, only for it to drag you out into the blinding spotlight. Its clever mix of visual storytelling and careful interaction makes it one of the most atmospheric titles that you can find on the Nintendo Switch. Just the dancing flame from Six’s petrol lighter would take me back to lying in bed as a kid, watching the shadow of the outside world crawl across my bedroom walls.
Mike DiverMay 20, 2018
Little Nightmares boasts some superb character and environment design, and exceptional sound too, with parts of the Maw screaming as if the ship was a gigantic bionic seafarer. Its story is compellingly told, and the way the main game connects with the DLC is immensely rewarding. But you never really feel like you have full control of Six, and the long breaks between restarts can dump you into a painful loop of spending less time in the game than you do in loading screens.
Anthony BacchusJun 05, 2018
Little Nightmares is a perfect example of doing lots with so little. It succeeds as an excellently taut piece of visual storytelling while also delivering a compelling gameplay experience. It happens to be one of the more unique horror games out there thanks to a detailed art style, fantastic animation, and top-notch sound design.

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