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Tomas FranzeseAug 23, 2018
Even with its technical flaws and progression structure problems, I still can’t bring myself to dislike Little Dragons Café. When Little Dragons Café hits its stride mid-game, it is indeed a beautiful, relaxing, and wholesome experience that I would recommend to those looking for a more laid back title to cleanse their palette before this busy fall season. That being said, enough problems did persist to still make it a tad disappointing. Little Dragons Café may be worth waiting on until some technical issues are fixed and the price drops if the incentive of raising a dragon isn’t enough for you.
CJ AndriessenAug 23, 2018
Little Dragons Café is the type of game I walk away from feeling more hopeful in the world. Each chapter ends on such an earnest note that it raises my spirits. Sure, it doesn’t have the deepest mechanics, and it’s not the most polished title I’ll play this year. But it has a soul and a kind heart that uplifts the basic gameplay to a place that makes Little Dragons Café an easy recommendation to anyone looking for a soupcon of positivity in their life.
Nic VargusAug 23, 2018
With a breezy pace and a comically weird story, Little Dragons Café is a unique take on farming sims. While I loved cooking meals, establishing my inn, and the anxiety-free pace, its management mechanics have been watered down just a bit too much and result in stakes so low that much of it becomes meaningless. Without making important decisions or a wealth of more interesting side-quests to capture my attention, I eventually ended up bored by the repetitive tasks.
Jackson BostianAug 23, 2018
Would I recommend you buy Little Dragons Café for a child at its current price point? Absolutely not. There is plenty of content and it’s a decent game, but there are a lot of other games that are on-par with this one that are selling for less than half the price. Until the price comes down, I can’t in good conscience recommend that you buy it, and that’s a shame.
Jaime CarrilloAug 28, 2018
The concept of Little Dragon’s Cafe is genius, but its execution is a little sloppy. Many of the game’s tasks feel like actual chores instead of the streamlined management of Yasuhiro Wada’s past titles. Despite its clear flaws, the food, characters, and world are too gorgeous to ignore.
KiwiAug 29, 2018
Although gameplay feels like it's in a loop quite quickly, the characters are memorable and the artwork nothing short of awe-inspiring. The pace of this game may also be very slow for some though I have no doubt parents across the globe would appreciate this pace especially on those extra long road trips. All in all, there is nothing to hate about Little Dragon's Cafe but there is definite room for improvement.
Austin VoigtAug 30, 2018
Little Dragons Café is an endearing feast for the eyes – and extremely unique in its concept – but can lose some of its charm after too much time spent waiting on technical issues like load times. Hopefully, some of these problems can be fixed with a future patch or update. Still, Yasuhiro Wada is the master of turning a simple game into a living, breathing story – and you can expect to experience that same level of care and detail in his latest adventure.
Kirstin SwalleyAug 22, 2018
Little Dragons Café first appears as though it requires constant attention to every little detail, but actually makes for a relaxing time. Exploration is well paced with each step further getting more creative and exiting, and managing the café is simple without feeling overly stressful. It’s a laid back title that is easy to get absorbed in and focus for long hours, but also makes for a wonderful time to pop into every once in a while and just explore what it has to offer. Little Dragons Café makes for a memorable, sweet journey that any person can pick up and enjoy without worry.
Ashley GillAug 23, 2018
Despite its "Aww!" inducing charms and gameplay that can so easily pull the player in for hours, the lack of punishment for mistakes and the absolutely disastrous jumping are real detriments some players may not be able to overlook. I can, though -- and I would say that if you enjoyed Yasuhiro Wada' classic Harvest Moon games I mentioned at the start of this review or just want the friendliest game on the block, you may very well enjoy it, too.
David LloydAug 23, 2018
With so many elements playing out, it’s really hard to say what Little Dragons Cafe truly is. It’s quite remarkable with all that’s going on that each aspect is enjoyable in its own way. The exploration will satisfy the adventure crowd, the asset management of finding ingredients and developing better meals will please the RPG fans. It will melt time away as you push to complete just one more day, but values your time because there really aren’t very many wasted moments. It’s a complete package that is hand tailored to be consumed as intended by the developers, and they’ve delivered a refreshing experience.
Brandon HowardJan 16, 2019
Little Dragons Café is an extremely tedious exercise in repetition. There's kind of an initial thrill to the idea of managing a café and picking out the recipes that it'll use, but eventually you realize that you don't do much to help out other than providing the basic ingredients and occasionally bussing tables.
Mikhail MadnaniAug 24, 2018
While the Switch port needs loads of optimisation work, this is definitely a return to form for Yasuhiro Wada. Little Dragons Cafe oozes charm and is one of the most relaxing games you will play. This feels like a golden age 3DS game. I hope patches address the Switch version because portable play definitely works best for these kinds of games. The PS4 version based on our time with it is a lot better in terms of visuals, performance, and load times.
Mary BillingtonAug 24, 2018
My time spent with Little Dragons Cafe was bittersweet. The story, graphics, and exploration are enjoyable for a while but the terrible pacing, graphical issues, and often annoying controls will likely make you leave a less than stellar Yelp review for this cafe.
Aric SweenyAug 23, 2018
Little Dragons Cafe combines so many genres of video games, it’s tough to compare it to any other style of game. It’s an experience that demands the player’s consistent attention in one particular location of the map, but also one that boasts a vast world ripe for exploration. Players must be careful about leaving the cafe for too long, yet ingredients run out incredibly quickly.
Jordan BiordiSep 13, 2018
I feel like this review is coming off as overly negative, considering, for the most part, I did enjoy Little Dragons Cafe. Its problems, while apparent, are not glaring enough to really put me off the game, and I did like it’s laid back atmosphere and the few Harvest Moon-like elements it does participate in. But it is a deeply flawed game and I personally don’t think there’s enough here to justify the $70 asking price.
Ramón VarelaOct 14, 2018
Gran parte de las críticas a Little Dragons Café, como la repetitividad de su fórmula, la simpleza de sus mecánicas y fallos de diseño o control pasarán bastante inadvertidos para los más jóvenes, que es en realidad el público al que va dirigido. No decimos con esto que los niños no sepan reconocer un juego sobresaliente de otro más corriente, sino que sabrán divertirse más con sus puntos fuertes: los personajes, las historias que nos cuentan y la simulación de llevar un negocio familiar.
Sergio MeleroOct 27, 2018
El título de Yasuhiro Wada se queda a medio gas en sus intenciones. Pudiendo servir de forma más o menos efectiva como producto interactivo —incluso educativo— con el que disfrutar padres e hijos, deja por el camino la imaginación propia del creativo a la hora de diseñar sistemas de juego monótonos pero efectivos, sencillos pero adictivos.
Jens BischoffOct 19, 2018
In Little Dragons Cafè von Harvest-Moon-Schöpfer Yasuhiro Wada muss man das Kaffeehaus seiner alleinerziehenden Mutter übernehmen und gleichzeitig einen jungen Drachen aufziehen, der die Mutter später aus ihrem Koma retten soll. Dazu sammelt man zusammen mit seinem schuppigen Begleiter Tag für Tag frische Zutaten, experimentiert in der Küche mit gefundenen Rezepten, setzt sie auf die Speisekarte und bewirtet einkehrende Gäste.
André ReisFeb 26, 2019
Fora o ambiente visual, Little Dragons Cafe torna-se monótono demasiado rápido, com as mesmas tarefas e terrenos a percorrer dia sim dia não, as suas mecânicas deixam muito a desejar, e a sua apresentação visual pouco cuidada não incentiva os fãs mais cativados por Harvest Moon ou Rune Factory.