Little Dragons Cafe for Nintendo Switch

Little Dragons Cafe

Aug 24, 2018
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Developer: Aksys Games
Content Rating: Everyone10+


The story opens with a twin brother and sister learning to cook and manage a Small Cafe under their mother's tutelage. All was peaceful and routine until One morning when the twins discover that their Mother has Fallen into a deep sleep and won't Wake up. Suddenly, a strange old man appears to inform them that they must raise a Dragon in order to save her. Working together with three quirky Cafe employees, the two siblings must figure out how to a wrangle a Dragon and manage the family business while finding a way to save their Mother.

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Michael Down

Michael Down

Oct 16, 2020

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CJ AndriessenAug 23, 2018
Little Dragons Café is the type of game I walk away from feeling more hopeful in the world. Each chapter ends on such an earnest note that it raises my spirits. Sure, it doesn’t have the deepest mechanics, and it’s not the most polished title I’ll play this year. But it has a soul and a kind heart that uplifts the basic gameplay to a place that makes Little Dragons Café an easy recommendation to anyone looking for a soupcon of positivity in their life.
KiwiAug 29, 2018
Although gameplay feels like it's in a loop quite quickly, the characters are memorable and the artwork nothing short of awe-inspiring. The pace of this game may also be very slow for some though I have no doubt parents across the globe would appreciate this pace especially on those extra long road trips. All in all, there is nothing to hate about Little Dragon's Cafe but there is definite room for improvement.
Austin VoigtAug 30, 2018
Little Dragons Café is an endearing feast for the eyes – and extremely unique in its concept – but can lose some of its charm after too much time spent waiting on technical issues like load times. Hopefully, some of these problems can be fixed with a future patch or update. Still, Yasuhiro Wada is the master of turning a simple game into a living, breathing story – and you can expect to experience that same level of care and detail in his latest adventure.

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