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Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is an action-adventure game played from a side-scrolling perspective. The player is a wolf-monster who can transform into a princess. She must guide the blinded prince through a dark forest. In princess form, the player can hold hands with the prince in order to move, and give him simple instructions, such as jumping or walking into a direction. In wolf form, the player tries to protect the prince from the forest creatures in combat. There are also environmental puzzles in the forest, such as platforms that react to weight, or heavy objects that block the road and can only be broken by the strength of the wolf-monster. The player can only return to wolf form at special places where the light of the moon shines through the dark clouds above the forest. The prince can hold things for the princess, while the player guides him to the right place. There are special objects that only the prince can hold, such as fire lanterns.