LEGO Worlds for Nintendo Switch

LEGO Worlds

Sep 5, 2017
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Developer: Traveller's Tales
Content Rating: Everyone10+


LEGO Worlds is a galaxy of procedurally-generated Worlds made entirely of LEGO bricks which you can freely manipulate and dynamically populate with LEGO models. Explore each World and unlock new discoveries: from cowboys and giraffes to vampires and polar bears, to steamrollers, race cars, and colossal digging machines!

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Aug 20, 2021

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Alex SeedhouseNov 25, 2017
It is the unrivalled creative freedom that will soon see many shrug off the issues that LEGO Worlds has and become hooked, building towering LEGO creations that they have only been able to dream of. But, while there are fleeting glimpses at the potential behind the whole idea, there are a few bricks that are missing before it will be completely realised.
Mitch VogelSep 28, 2017
On the whole, that mostly describes our experience with LEGO Worlds. There are lots of great ideas here, and every now and then you can see glimpses of what kind of potential those ideas have, but this is a gaming equivalent of what happens when you pull a tray of cookies out of the oven too early, leaving you underdone treats.
Adam BeckSep 14, 2017
In the end, though, LEGO Worlds had incredible potential to be the next Minecraft, especially considering the pedigree of LEGO, but it winds up being weighed down by a lack of vision.

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