La-Mulana 2 for Nintendo Switch

La-Mulana 2

Mar 17, 2020
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Developer: Nigoro
Content Rating: Teen


A continuation of a stylish old-school platform game that had us travel through Aztec ruins as Lemeza Kosugi, an agile archeologist similar to Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones. La-Mulana 2 enables us to assume the role of the daughter of that hero, who had turned out just like her father, traveling through mysterious, inaccessible locations while wearing her trademark hat. The new adventure takes us to Scandinavia, and introduces a plot inspired by Nordic legends.

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James ColozziApr 08, 2020
I still enjoyed this game for the way it offered some youthful nostalgia. It delivers a definite challenge. But LA-MULANA 2 is cut from the same cloth and does very little that’s different from the first. While that doesn’t make the game bad, it does make it frustrating.
Matthew ZawodniakMar 21, 2020
This game is an easy recommendation for anyone whose primary goal in playing video games is to overcome challenges. But let me serve as a cautionary tale for those who want other things out of video games. If this game is for you, then it is absolutely incredible. Sadly, with its high difficulty and demandingly complex puzzles, it is most certainly not for me.
Albert LichiAug 12, 2020
La-Mulana 2 ranks as one of the greatest metroidvanias ever made. It is steeped in lore, and has an elaborate interconnected world. The constant drip-feed of upgrades and items with devious traps and puzzles keep the pace flowing nicely for several dozen hours. It even has a sense of humour too, making even the most tired and cynical gamer stop for a moment to have a good laugh.

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