KORAL for Nintendo Switch


May 16, 2019
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Developer: Carlos Coronado
Content Rating: Everyone


Dive into the beautiful undiscovered underwater world and heal coral reefs while you traverse the entire world in search for bleached, dying reefs. Interact with various kinds of corals, each one of them with unique skills you can interact with that will help you go on in the adventure. As a player you play as a current. Flow anywhere you want to find for ways to transport healing energy for other corals and heal entire reefs, watching realtime how the seafloor becomes colorfull again and vibrant with life and diversity.

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Critic Reviews

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Garland PanJun 28, 2019
Koral is part science display, part puzzle game, and all design compromise. It feels like a roadmap on what not to do when designing an environmentally conscious game. Without a doubt, the visuals are initially captivating, but their flair quickly wears off and you’re left with the game’s dismal content. The game provides a clunky experience that doesn’t satisfy in any meaningful manner. Too shallow in both its educational content and puzzle-solving gameplay, Koral finds the perfect middle ground to embody an especially painful kind of mediocrity.
Aran SuddiJun 05, 2019
Koral is a good little puzzler though many will find it very easy to get through. As an educational tool Koral definitely has value to raise awareness of climate change and the impact of pollution on our oceans. As a game it Koral is a simple affair that plays well. It may lack much challenge for puzzle fans, but this is an engaging and thought provoking experience.
A.K RahmingMay 18, 2019
While some may see this as being too “preachy,” I think Koral‘s way of handling this is actually rather beautiful. It wraps up this message in a neat little puzzle game that exudes a lot of character and can be enjoyed by both skilled and novice gamers. Even though it’s not heavy on content, it’s a relaxing experience that you can embed yourself in for a while and get lost in the world below that, as the game points out, we really don’t know all that much about.

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