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Kirstie SummersJul 25, 2018
The tension pays off in a genuinely chilling way if you ever do succumb the brutal threats of Inside. If you miss a jump, the boy will crumple at the bottom of a pit with his limbs splayed out and broken. Grown adults are prepared to tackle him to the ground and beat him to death or drown him. Dogs on his tail will tear him apart if they get the chance.
Grady PennaJul 04, 2018
INSIDE may not feel all that new on Switch if you played it since its original release, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t deserve a place on Nintendo’s ever-growing list of wonderful ports. If you happen to own a Switch and have never played INSIDE before, I highly recommend picking it up and seeing what all the fuss is about.
Jamie WardAug 14, 2018
If you loved Limbo then do not hesitate, just grab your Switch and buy Inside. For such a simple game, it is remarkable how much variation there is. Puzzles are expertly thought-out, the atmosphere is top-notch and its crammed full of memorable moments. It’s a stunning but desolate adventure that I urge you to try out. Even though it’s a short experience, it makes you consider what you have just gone through long after completion. It is one of the standout games in the Switch’s ever-growing library.
Ryan McCaffreyJun 28, 2018
Inside very clearly builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater. Its unimaginable twist may leave you dumbfounded, confused, and quite possibly speechless, but it will fuel heated discussion with your friends about its meaning, its message, and its intentions. It’s a short ride, but one I felt compelled to take again – including a search for its mysterious hidden orb collectibles. Play it soon before anyone spoils a single big moment for you.
Scott Polhemus Jun 29, 2018
There are secrets to be found throughout the journey in order to unlock an alternate ending, so don’t be afraid to fight the constant urge to move right toward the end. Sometimes, it’s wise to try going left. Every so often you come across a game worthy of adding to the endless argument, “Are video games art?” INSIDE is one such game.
Ethan HuntAug 06, 2018
Playdead’s INSIDE is masterful in what it sets out to achieve. It might not be Breath of the Wild in terms of its scope, or Super Mario Odyssey in terms of its level variety, but it provides a visceral and beautiful three hour long experience that is difficult to forget.
Jon MundyJul 05, 2018
Inside is a grimly beautiful platform-puzzler that, while brief, is packed full of jaw-dropping highlights. While its dark tone won't be for everyone, it's all been executed brilliantly, with gently taxing physics-based conundrums woven into a haunting wordless narrative.
Albert LichiJul 03, 2018
INSIDE is one of those kind of games where the developer made exactly what it wanted and was very deliberate with how it would be presented. Not all choices may work and the overall experience is over far too quickly: lasting about three hours, with no real replay value to speak of. Gameplay is very standard for its genre, with only some minor substance to make it stand apart.
Vincent BystryJun 29, 2018
While the game is short, the journey is worth it. The art is breathtaking and the gameplay is fun and unique, with some puzzles and enemy encounters that might make you think for a minute before a successful solution or escape. There are several hidden glowing orbs in hard to reach places that can trigger the alternate ending if all are found in a single playthrough.
Ben AllanJul 10, 2018
A mysterious, malevolent and compelling world created by sheer dint of the imagination and skill the visual storytelling on display in the environments. Clever puzzles, each carefully introduced via a perfect learning curve. Full of tension-filled, eerie and awe-inspiring moments that will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. That ending. Man, THAT ENDING. Probably one of the most amazing gaming sequences ever.
Toby BergerJul 13, 2018
Playdead’s Inside is a masterpiece from beginning to end, and its Switch port is as good as you could hope for. It’s another must-play title on Nintendo’s hybrid, and is unlike anything I’ve ever played before.
Álvaro CastellanoJul 05, 2018
El catálogo de Nintendo Switch sigue nutriéndose de videojuegos extraordinarios que, no sin cierto retraso, acaban desembarcando en la fenomenal videoconsola híbrida. ¿El caso de Inside? Mejora todo lo visto en Limbo en cuanto a mecánicas, y ofrece una obra capaz de satisfacer a paladares distintos: a los amantes de las plataformas, a los de los puzles y, además, a los que buscan historias no exentas de capacidad crítica e intelectual y con una fuerte carga emocional. Una obra que entra por los sentidos y que, además, puedes llevarte contigo. ¿Se puede pedir algo más?
Álvaro AlonsoJul 03, 2018
Da igual cuándo o dónde se juegue a INSIDE: siempre será una obra maestra. Si no lo conocíais, la portabilidad de Switch convierte a esta versión en una a tener muy en cuenta. Y si os apasiona la obra de Playdead, poder disfrutarlo en cualquier parte resulta, cuanto menos, tentador.
Filipe Da Silva BarbosaJul 18, 2018
En seulement deux titres, le studio danois Playdead aura su s'imposer comme l'un des fers de lance de la scène vidéoludique indépendante. Six ans après Limbo, Inside aura ainsi marqué de son empreinte l'année 2016, comme l'atteste son immense succès critique, et c'est tout naturellement qu'ils bénéficient tous deux aujourd'hui d'un passage par la dernière née de Nintendo, la Switch.
la_redactionJul 15, 2018
On n'en attendait pas moins de lui. Deux ans après sa sortie, Inside n'a pas perdu de son charme et cette version Switch lui fait honneur. Toujours aussi beau et malin, son ambiance noire et oppressante prend aux tripes et ne vous lâche jamais, de quoi poursuivre la partie sans jamais se lasser. Inside était un petit chef d'oeuvre en 2016, les choses n'ont pas changé en 2018.
Vitor CarvalhoJul 31, 2018
INSIDE é um indie que chega à Nintendo Switch para apetrechar o seu catálogo com mais um título do género de plataformas 2D com quebra-cabeças de elevada qualidade. Apesar da sua simplicidade, o alto desafio presente nos obstáculos engendrados ao mais pequeno pormenor tornam-no num bom jogo. Quem procura algo diferente num tom cinzento e que transmita uma sensação profunda de opressão tem aqui uma boa opção.
Tommaso PuglieseJul 09, 2018
Inside conferma le proprie eccellenti qualità anche su Nintendo Switch, con un porting tecnicamente ineccepibile, che può vantare un extra di indubbio valore come la portabilità. L'esperienza messa a punto da Playdead si rivela fin dalle prime battute un esercizio di game design, un titolo che gioca forte sulle atmosfere e ci proietta in un mondo ostile, oscuro e minaccioso, alla ricerca di una scomoda verità.
Francesca SirtoriJul 21, 2018
Non possiamo esimerci dal riconoscere il grande lavoro del team che ha saputo sviscerare le paure e le tensioni umane e racchiuderle in un videogioco, dove abbiamo la dimostrazione che per sopravvivere conta davvero quello che dimostriamo esternamente, omologandosi agli altri e rimanendo impotenti spettatori di uno spettacolo tanto duro quanto commovente.
Kevin de BruinJul 17, 2018
Inside is een grote lugubere ontdekkingstocht waarbij je telkens met spanning toekijkt hoe je personage elke keer weer een bijna-dood-ervaring meemaakt. Inside sleurt je door een heleboel sfeervolle scènes heen waarbij je telkens het gevoel hebt dat het niet spannender kan worden. Toch gebeurt het en je zit met regelmaat op het puntje van je stoel omdat je wilt weten waarom je al die dodelijke ervaringen mee moet maken.