Incredible Mandy for Nintendo Switch

Incredible Mandy

Nov 7, 2019
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Developer: Dotoyou Games
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Throughout Incredible Mandy you will explore the memories of a brother and sister that are buried deeply within their dreams; every dream represents an untold secret. Mandy looks for lost memories, challenging and seeking to overcome her fears. She guides her brother in a fantastical tale following a tragic accident that affected both siblings. Having lost his right hand in the accident, the brother’s new hand can summon the Excalibur of Light, symbolizing positive power. Players will tackle obstacles, unlock puzzles, defeat huge enemies and collect forgotten memories, all within scenes and settings that incorporate a broad range of styles. Experience a fantastic adventure across vast landscapes. From mountain peaks to deep canyons, from seashores to hidden corridors, search for clues and solve innovative puzzles; use the sword in your hand and the wisdom of your mind to challenge overwhelming foes. The enemies that appear in the game embody the fear from the hearts of the brother and sister. Can you pierce through the mist of dreams and discover the unexpected truth?

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Trevor GouldNov 21, 2019
I can’t say Incredible Mandy is a bad game per se, but it is underwhelming and less than the sum of its parts. On sale, this might be an okay title for those who can embrace its mechanics and pacing. But I didn’t enjoy most of its puzzles, and puzzles are its main offering.
Matthew ZawodniakNov 08, 2019
Aside from the clunky controls and tedious animations, nothing about the game is really offensive, but there’s just no hook that managed to keep me invested up to the end. The aesthetic is overall eye-catching, but it can’t hide the fact that Incredible Mandy is simply not that incredible. There’s nothing wrong with a simple game, but simplicity only works if there’s a high level of polish to back it up.

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