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Aaron PotterJul 28, 2017
There’s no denying that the conceit behind I and Me’s concept has a lot going for it, but even players slightly enticed by the game’s “story” could find its ambiguous presentation frustrating and soulless, rather than thoughtful and cute.
Jemma CassonAug 01, 2017
A well-made, thoughtful puzzle game that’s easily accessible and actually quite relaxing. It’s unique and fun, though not overly challenging.
Darren PalmaJul 17, 2017
I and Me is a charming and simple little time waster. There isn’t really any replayabilty found in this title unless you have had a bad day at work or have a sudden impulse for self-discovery, as the only real depth in this game is found within its fitting but questionable dialogue.
Josh Di FalcoJul 11, 2017
I and Me looks like a beautifully hand-drawn game that controls quite well. Its fluid movement makes navigating the stages easy, with no mechanical drawbacks. However, the promise of a deep and meaningful story is hurt by the hard-to-read cursive font used to present all the narration, thus losing all the appeal of what is supposed to feel like a haunting tale.
David LloydJul 06, 2017
The best recommendation I can give you is to watch some levels on YouTube before spending any money on this game, since what you see is what you get.
Morgan SleeperJul 13, 2017
With a clever gameplay hook, enjoyably uncluttered level design, and a beautiful storybook presentation, I and Me is a delightful package. It’s an admittedly brief experience, and players looking for a stern challenge won’t find their puzzle-solving skills seriously tested here, but if you’re after a perfectly pleasant way to pass a few evenings on the Switch, I and Me are both a great choice.
Emily SowdenJul 12, 2017
Overall, I and Me has some good ideas but the gameplay dries up too quickly to warrant hours of play.
Sergio MartínJul 09, 2017
Como ya os hemos avisado, no se trata del mejor juego indie que podemos encontrar en la eShop de Switch, pero por lo menos I and Me se me muestra lo suficientemente atractivo como para atrapar a los seguidores de este tipo de aventuras de puzles. Tiene sus carencias, pero entretiene.
Ricardo FernándezJul 21, 2017
No es lo último ni lo más original, tampoco cuenta con la mejor ejecución, pero puede divertir si te gusta el género. Bien, pero mejorable.
António BranquinhoAug 08, 2017
I and Me é um jogo interessante e competente que tenta prolongar a sua estadia mais do que devia. É verdade que o jogo já é curto assim mas talvez com metade dos níveis onde não existisse tanta repetição ele pudesse ser uma experiência memorável, assim é apenas um simples puzzle de plataformas que serve para entreter uns tempos mortos em que não se queira usar o cérebro em demasia.


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