Hyperlight Ultimate for Nintendo Switch

Hyperlight Ultimate

Jul 9, 2019
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Developer: CatfishBlues Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Hyperlight is an high intensity arcade action game in which you control a spaceship that fights against hordes of evil alien monsters in a virtual cosmic environment. Your spaceship has a special capability: It can travel at a Faster-Than-Light speed becoming itself the final weapon! By colliding with enemies in this state the ship can instantly destroy everything it touches!

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Zachary MillerJul 23, 2019
One nice new feature is that Arcade, Endless, and Panic Modes can all be played with a friend (couch co-op). This is fun but also ratchets up the “chaos” factor quite a bit, especially considering you share the FTL meter. A multiplayer deathmatch mode allows up to four players to try and annihilate each other using a combination of weapons and FTL ramming. It’s a pretty good time, if a little bare-bones. Hyperlight Ultimate is still a great game, and now that it’s on a modern console you should definitely play it.
PJ O'ReillyJul 15, 2019
Hyperlight Ultimate is a great little arcade shooter that was good on 3DS and now arrives on Switch in a much more complete and satisfying form. The subtle gameplay tweaks here help make things a little less hardcore than in the original game, but this is still pretty tough stuff that comes highly recommended to fans of the genre who like a stiff challenge, so long as they stay away from Panic mode.
Evan NorrisJul 14, 2019
Judged by its overall collection of modes and mechanics, it's an adequate arcade action game. The inventive central conceit, whereby limited fuel reserves power the ship's offensive firepower, is a success, as is the endless Infinity mode; Arcade Mode, minus one unacceptable difficulty spike, is also enjoyable. Some fussy gyro controls undermine Panic Mode and random gameplay threatens to sink Vs Battle, but taken as a package Hyperlight Ultimate is a fun little non-shooter.

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