Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story for Nintendo Switch

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story

Nov 16, 2021
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Developer: Choice Provisions Inc.
Content Rating: Everyone10+


In this fast-paced rhythm runner, every action has an explosive reaction and no amount of mayhem is too much. Take on the role of yordle and Hexplosives expert Ziggs as you rampage through the neighborhoods of Piltover. Bomb, bounce, and bop to the beat of the music to avoid obstacles, disarm enemies, and light fuses to achieve maximum chaos. Cause musical mayhem while outrunning no-fun-allowed Heimerdinger in your quest to build the greatest bomb the world has ever seen! Use the Freestyle Mayhem System to create spontaneous blasts and grab bonus points… all while dodging the fun police and showing them what they’re really missing. Leave no fuse unlit in Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story.

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Matthew ZawodniakNov 27, 2021
Die KI-Helfer stellen sich zwar manchmal herrlich bekloppt an und „helfen“ einem damit nicht gerade, doch ungeachtet dessen sorgt ihre Beschäftigung dafür, dass sogar das wirtschaftliche Element des Landwirtschafts-Simulators einen etwas höheren Stellenwert bekommt und man auch beinahe komplett als Landwirtschafts-Tycoon durch die ansehnliche Kulisse stapfen könnte, ohne aktiv einzugreifen. Ich war überrascht, dass die Sogkraft des Landwirtschafts-Simulators so stark ist und ich mich gerne Stunde um Stunde auf den drei recht großen Karten herumgetrieben habe.
Ben LyonsNov 18, 2021
Hextech Mayhem is still a shockingly fun title to just kill an evening with. It's not long, it's barely challenging, but it is inherently enjoyable, and in my eyes that is a huge win for one of the first spinoff titles coming from Riot's publishing division Riot Forge.
Steven RollinsDec 12, 2021
Despite these qualms, I mostly enjoyed my time with Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story. There are definite issues I have with it as a rhythm platformer, and these make it a bit of a slog to play through in long sessions. However, for short bursts, there’s little I can ultimately fault it for. If you’re already a League of Legends fan looking for a different sort of experience, it’s hard not to recommend Hextech Mayhem, though it may be a slightly tougher sell otherwise.

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