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Josh SpeerDec 13, 2020
Though the game isn’t quite perfect, it truly earned the accolades it’s been receiving. And honestly, if they decide to implement some additional content later on, most of my complaints would be rendered moot. This is honestly my favorite game yet by Supergiant Games, and easily one of my favorite indies of 2020.
Becca S.Sep 21, 2020
Hades is a fantastic title. Even after sinking multiple hours in, it never gets boring. It’s a beautiful-looking game; from the environments to the character art, a lot of love and care has gone into bringing it to life. Better yet, it’s simply a joy to play. Returning to the Underworld time and again, striving to get just that bit further every time, is endlessly entertaining.
PJ O'ReillySep 20, 2020
Hades is a sublime mix of satisfyingly gritty and flexible combat, a wonderfully vibrant art style and genuinely fun and engaging narrative. Supergiant Games has an excellent track record thus far but this really does feel its finest hour, a rip-roaring rampage through the underworld that's arrived here on Switch in a port that's nigh-on perfect.
Heidi HawesSep 25, 2020
Everything from the premise, the art style, sound design, and combat are masterfully done. I can’t put this game down and I’m not even a big fan of roguelikes. Fans of the genre cannot miss this one and even people who don’t care for the genre should still give it a try. It’s an absolute masterpiece in every way with some of the most replayability I’ve seen in a game.
Joe DevaderSep 24, 2020
I mean it when I say that I think Hades is Supergiant’s best game yet. When I’m not playing it I find myself itching to go play it, and despite my usual lack of patience with games like this I have yet to find myself succumbing to anything even remotely resembling frustration. I am not done putting hours into Hades, not by a long shot, and as somebody who is not usually a fan of this genre I really do think that says something.
Todd RigneyOct 06, 2020
Hades is not only one of the best roguelites on the market today, but it's also one of the best games of the year -- if not the best. Supergiant Games, firing on all cylinders, has given us a wealth of content to explore, characters to meet, and challenges to overcome. If you're not a fan of roguelites, this one could easily change your mind.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusSep 18, 2020
Hades is Supergiant's best game yet, and that is high praise. While it lacks some of the emotional punch of Bastion, that is basically the only area where it lags behind. The characters are likeable, the gameplay is phenomenally fun, the soundtrack is amazing, and the entire game is a joy. Even if you're not a fan of roguelikes, it's worth giving Hades a shot because it is the embodiment of a roguelike done right.
Ryan JanesOct 14, 2020
Hades is absolutely incredible and to be perfectly honest I’m having a tough time finding anything negative to say about it. Developer Supergiant Games isn’t exactly a stranger to putting out high-quality titles, but Hades is easily their best effort to date and will no doubt be a strong contender when game of the year discussions come around.
Kyle LeClairOct 15, 2020
Hades is no less than an absolute masterpiece, easily a contender for Supergiant’s finest work yet, and a candidate for the year’s best game. It delivers truly classic action in almost every sense of the word, has the perfect level of difficulty, looks breathtaking and has a unique take on Greek mythology that hits just the right tone, always finding a way to keep you coming back for more, always playing to see what’s next.
Adam VyfhuisOct 16, 2020
Hades is a must-play game this year and you are doing yourself a great disservice not giving it a shot. There is what seems to be an unending plethora of reasons, as highlighted so adamantly above, about why Hades will most definitely be in my top 10 games of the year list.
TJ DenzerSep 28, 2020
Hades is another banger from Supergiant Games. That’s a fact. Throughout the entire journey there was little I could find to be mad at other than failing in my quest close to the finish line or getting a bad combination of power-ups that didn't work well together, but God Mode was there for me to soften the quest if I so desired.
Morgan TruderDec 18, 2020
Hades is a complete package. The writing will make you laugh, the gameplay will make you smile, the bosses will frustrate you, and the art will make you stare in awe. All of which combined makes Hades a must-play, and once you start, you won’t want to stop.
Cian MaherSep 17, 2020
It will constantly give us reason for one more run, one last vainglorious attempt at escaping the cruel clutches of the Underworld. Its years in Early Access taught it how to become cyclical, but in such a way that the path changes with every revolution. And now, thanks to its remarkably and genuinely affecting conclusion, every death is just one more reason to try again.
Ethan HuntSep 29, 2020
Supergiant’s latest action gem Hades is a must-play for Switch fans looking for some fast-paced action, especially considering it’s currently a console exclusive. The seemingly endless modifiers keep the roguelike gameplay fresh and exciting each run, coming at no expense to its humorous, hellish story.
GameCentralSep 23, 2020
Hades may not seem particularly remarkable at first glance, but its quiet innovation is one of the best surprises of the year and while technically it is yet another indie roguelike it’s one of the best of the generation.
Eric AceOct 19, 2020
Hades is just all around good. From its tremendous voice acting and intriguing story to its fun combat and insanely addicting gameplay loop, there is little wrong here. Graphically it's a little dated and its difficulty wall will be off-putting to many, but these are about the only major issues.
Mick FraserSep 17, 2020
While the Switch version doesn’t utilise the touchscreen controls or offer anything “new” that the PC version doesn’t, it’s still absolutely worth grabbing if you have the chance. Utterly addictive and endlessly playable, with a late game element that will keep you coming back for a very long time, Hades is simply one of the best and most likeable roguelites available on PC or Nintendo Switch.
Cameron BaldOct 02, 2020
Hades is a near-perfect marriage of reactive storytelling, blistering action, and bickering gods
Nate BurleysonDec 03, 2020
The core gameplay is super fun and rewarding, but it’s aided by the excellent art and music in the game. The chambers are designed with obvious care for the source material along with unique quirks and designs that make the game the designer’s own.
Ricardo C. EstevesSep 21, 2020
Fortunately, it is a very good combat system, with fine-tuned gameplay, several types of enemies, and exquisite scenery. If you like the roguelite genre, Hades is an excellent proposition, and of course, if you're a fan of Supergiant Games, it's mandatory - as long as you are prepared for the repetitive structure of the genre.
Francis KennaOct 17, 2020
The three-pronged combination of satisfying moment-to-moment combat, a plethora of long-term permanent upgrades, and an intricately woven story that seamlessly unfolds make Hades a dangerously enjoyable game.
A.J. MaciejewskiSep 26, 2020
Hades is in the upper echelon of roguelikes so if you enjoy action-packed combat, concise yet engaging stories, and unlocking rewarding goodies then you'll have a phenomenal amount of fun trying to escape the Underworld.
Brock McLaughlinSep 29, 2020
I’ve never had the chance to review a perfect game, nor did I ever think I would, but Hades is that game. SuperGiant Games prove once again that no one is creating games as unique and fun as they are.
Dominick AshtearOct 02, 2020
The game doesn’t have a single real flaw. It’s not the perfect game for every single gamer, but if you enjoy an experience that rewards skill and has an amazing story, spot-on voice acting, beautiful music, and — I can’t emphasize this enough — the ability to pet Cerberus, Hound of the Underworld, as many times as you want, then it’s definitely the game for you.
Sebastian QuirozOct 01, 2020
Al final del día, Hades es fenomenal. Supergiant Games ha vuelto a demostrar que son capaces de entregar un juego impecable en presentación con un adictivo gameplay y una historia impresionante, elementos te harán volver una y otra vez. En un año repleto de grandes juegos, que un título indie de este calibre logre resaltar ya es una celebración, y no dudo que muchas personas lleguen a considerar a Hades su juego del año.
Carlos GallegoSep 23, 2020
La experiencia invita a ser rejugada una y otra vez, convirtiendo su ejercicio narrativo en un elemento digno de ser explorado y desarrollado más en profundidad en el futuro por Supergiant Games. Hades ya ha llegado al Olimpo de los videojuegos, que Zagreo salga del Tártaro depende únicamente de ti.
Pep SànchezJan 26, 2021
No sé yo si esa parte más metódica acabará teniendo celos de las ya míticas ilustraciones o de las maravillosas libertades que se toma el guion, pero sería injusto intentar explicar el triunfo monumental de Hades pensando en Supergiant como el típico alumno aplicado; hace falta mucho más que trabajo duro para conseguir que un juego huela a ambrosía.
Álvaro AlonsoSep 25, 2020
Simple y llanamente: Hades es el mejor trabajo de Supergiant Games y uno de los mejores juegos de 2020. Jugabilidad, historia, diseño, apartado visual y banda sonora del más alto nivel, se funden para formar el roguelite más adictivo que existe. Del Inframundo se puede escapar; de este juego, no.
Marcel KleffmannSep 22, 2020
Oh, nein: Nicht schon wieder ein Rogue-like! Aber weit gefehlt. Hades schafft es mit hervorragenden Kämpfe, motivierenden Fortschrittssystemen sowie der Story einen überraschenden Sog zu entfesseln. Und das trotz des knackigen Schwierigkeitsgrades, der Learning-by-Doing-Elemente und der sich wiederholenden Inhalte. Doch den typischen Rogue-like-Problemen hat Supergiant Games den Kampf angesagt.
Aubin_GregoireSep 23, 2020
Fort de systèmes de jeux solides, Hades révèle toujours plus à mesure que l’on pense en avoir fini avec lui. Que vous soyez bon client du studio ou du genre Rogue-Lite, n’hésitez pas une seule seconde, car le dernier né de Supergiant est, à n’en pas douter, un immanquable de la rentrée.
Marco MotturaSep 24, 2020
La fuga dalle profondità degli Inferi in compagnia di Zagreus e del resto del variopinto cast di personaggi è un suggestivo viaggio destinato a stregarvi, a entrarvi in testa come un'ossessione e a deliziarvi i polpastrelli: attenzione, perché qui si fa - o meglio, in un certo senso si riscrive - la storia, al cospetto di un evidente instant classic. Perderselo per strada, anche considerando il prezzo di 24.99€, sarebbe una colpa punibile con una condanna eterna da scontare in compagnia di Ade.
Gianluca ArenaOct 07, 2020
Come se tutto questo non bastasse, l'utenza Switch è stata trattata con i guanti, con un port da PC che rasenta la perfezione e con la ventura compatibilità dei salvataggi per giocare senza troppi vincoli spazio/temporali. Se non siete ancora corsi a scaricarlo, rileggete la recensione ad infinitum finché non ponete rimedio.
Алексей ЕгоровOct 02, 2020
Hades — это прекрасное сочетание хорошего «рогалика», увлекательной истории в сеттинге древнегреческих мифов, отличного саундтрека и приятной графики. Да, при желании, конечно, можно найти у игры пару недостатков: в ней всего пять боссов и пять же локаций — этого мало. Но вы действительно думаете, что на это стоит обращать внимание?
Raina AudronDec 18, 2020
Hades sa navyše predáva za veľmi prijateľnú cenu, za ktorú ponúka nespočetné množstvo zábavy a môže zaujať aj tých, čo zvyčajne tento žáner hier až tak neobľubujú. Vizuál, hudba, boje a príbeh sú v Hadesovi vyšperkované do detailov a naozaj nie je dôvod váhať nad kúpou.