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William MurphyOct 05, 2017
Oh, and the golf itself is pretty damned good too! It’s 16-bit era sort of gameplay: top-down, point and shoot with a power meter stuff, but it works as well as it ever did. Add in things like gophers trying to steal your ball and other hazards, and Golf Story manages to spice up the old with new twists. Add in the fact that there’s also disc golf, mini golf, and stuff like mowing, racings, drone flights and more… well, you get the idea. Golf Story is like Stardew Valley and Caddyshack had a baby. And that baby is the best baby, you guys.
Neal RonaghanOct 02, 2017
Golf Story doesn’t totally live up to the legacy of those Mario sports RPGs, but it does a very good job at touching on those classics and putting its own spin on the genre. A few nagging issues might draw down the experience, but the golfing is fun enough to work in tandem with a wacky story and world to make a genuinely enjoyable adventure on Switch.
Jordan HelmJan 03, 2018
While the actual RPG elements may initially appear thin at times, the well-delivered and genuinely funny writing is not only one of Golf Story‘s hidden traits, but something that will keep Sidebar’s entrant a much talked-about title, even for a console that has already garnered a fair few highlights. While a story or intriguing use of narrative might have only gone so far, though, Golf Story’s easy-to-grasp; hard-to-master core gameplay — that still manages to pace its teaching players the smaller details — is what will keep players coming back for more.
Elizabeth HengesOct 20, 2017
Golf Story is one of those games I'd really like to see a sequel for. While the base game is fun, there are some issues holding the title back in being as good as it can be. Golf Story is a good game, but far from perfect—if you have been waiting for a golf RPG or even just an arcade-y golf title for the Switch, this is a purchase to make.
Tom MarksOct 03, 2017
Golf Story's clever writing and sound golf fundamentals keep it entertaining, even through some stale moments. Despite its light-hearted RPG structure, there’s a challenging and very real golf game here that’s worth coming back to even after the story is over. But it left me wishing that more of the campaign focused on the golf itself, and less on the often repetitive side tasks.
Kaelyn DaughertyOct 04, 2017
This is a great game to buy if you’re looking for something that’s original and entertaining. I had a lot of fun playing this and I think it’s a nice addition to the Nintendo Switch eShop. It’s got plenty of content to keep you coming back, an in depth story and a quick play mode that hosts up to two players.
Michael ChowOct 06, 2017
Overall though, Golf Story is a smashing success and does so much more than it needs to. While the game would have been well received simply for its golfing aspect, Sidebar Games has built a great narrative and world around it. With a great look and sound as well, it is hard not to claim that Golf Story exceeds all expectations despite the late surge of hype behind it.
Mitch VogelSep 30, 2017
All told, Golf Story is a surprisingly gripping game, hooking you with fantastic gameplay, loads of content, and a well-written script. This is one that’ll have you coming back for many hours in the story mode alone, and the multiplayer does a good job of expanding on this with even more replayability.
Ginny Woo Oct 21, 2017
It has successfully captured the trappings of yesteryear's RPGs, and the witticisms and idiosyncrasies of the characters you encounter are a great palate cleanser between rounds. Switch has had a swathe of indies hit its eShop recently, but if you're looking for something that'll give you satisfaction in terms of an interesting story and a rewarding mechanic, then Golf Story is certainly par for the course.
Andrew ReinerSep 30, 2017
Yes, this is just a golf game at its core, but Golf Story makes you care about the characters and their world just as much as sinking a do-or-die putt. Part of its charm is keeping you off kilter, forcing you to hit a 300-yard drive with pinpoint precision one second, then solve a murder mystery the next. A continual delight to play, Golf Story is a breath of fresh air for sports, and another fun story to follow for role-playing fanatics.
Ryan JanesOct 13, 2017
Who would have thought that an RPG adventure based around the slow-paced sport of golf would end up being such a fun one? While Golf Story may not be the best in class in neither the sport nor role-playing genre, the game manages to combine the two into a delightfully unique and charming experience. Another winner for the Switch.
Mike SplechtaOct 18, 2017
It's easy to understand, and not-so-difficult to master golf mechanics ensure that even players who don't particularly enjoy golf, like myself, will still find it enjoyable in this game. If anything, it's constant barrage of humor will make sure you're at least grinning most of the time while playing. This is an easy recommendation to make for any Switch owner, despite being a fan of golf or not.
GameCentralOct 05, 2017
There is a fun local two-player mode though, and the fact that it is so entertaining stands as proof that there’s good solid gameplay underpinning all the weirdness of the story campaign. Considering the low price Golf Story is a fairly easy recommendation for all but the most ardent golf haters. Although we’re still not sure who’ll like it more: golf fans or role-playing game fans.
Charlie LargeOct 06, 2017
Sidebar Games have made a great take on the arcade golf game and added a story and RPG elements with great success! Golf Story is the best sports game on the Nintendo Switch, and arguably one of the best games available right now on the system. Whether you are a fan of golf or not, you need this game on your system!
Emily SowdenOct 04, 2017
Golf Story is charming, witty, funny, adorable, entertaining, and a must-have for your Switch collection.
Magnus Groth-AndersenOct 09, 2017
A slight lack of variation doesn't alter the fact that every Switch owner should take a look at Golf Story. Like Snipperclips: Cut it out, together! before it, this is a little gem of a game that could easily get overlooked, but hopefully that won't happen, because it's one of the best experiences that the platform has to offer.
Nick Gillham Oct 11, 2017
Golf Story is fairly quaint, and a nice change for the RPG genre, and golf games in general. It’s not really a sterling performer in the golf stakes, but it’s easily better than the NEO-GEO game that was released at the Switch’s launch, and there is a mode for you to play a quick round should you wish. You’ll more than likely play for the story, and after that the occasional round with friends, but you won’t really go back and play it often like you would with a dedicated golf game.
Golf Story es un juego que desborda carisma y buen hacer por los cuatro costados. La obra de Sidebar Games entra, por derecho propio, en el selecto grupo de imprescindibles para la consola híbrida de Nintendo. Una gran jugabilidad basada en la práctica del golf aderezada con una entretenida aventura RPG en la que se abren múltiples misiones y acciones que realizar. Y la guinda la pone un aspecto retro que es puro amor. Lo dicho, si no está en vuestra colección ya estáis tardando en añadirlo a ella.
DefaOct 06, 2017
Siempre recomendar un juego de golf es complicado, pues en efecto, sólo habemos un pequeño nicho que disfruta de este tipo de gameplay, si a esto le sumas elementos de RPG con una historia y contexto bastante extraño, tienes como resultado un título que definitivamente no es para todos. Te podría decir que si te gustan los juegos de role independientes con ideas fuera de lo común, entonces tienes que darle una oportunidad a Golf Story, mismo caso si perteneces a este grupo que disfruta de videojuegos basados en este deporte. De lo contrario, mi consejo sería que voltearas hacia otro lado, pues la verdad es que actualmente, el Nintendo Switch ya cuenta con una buena cantidad de ofertas de todo tipo para los amantes de lo independiente.
Sergio MartínOct 01, 2017
Sidebar Games ha creado un título encomiable para Switch, que se convierte por méritos propios en uno de los RPG más sorprendentes de lo que va de año para esta consola. Los usuarios más veteranos seguro que derraman más de una lágrima al adentrarse en el mundo pixelado que nos ofrece esta obra, que encima goza de un encanto, guion, humor y jugabilidad muy notables. Además su precio es bastante ajustado, menos de 15 euros, una ganga para toda la diversión que nos ofrece.
Benjamin SchmädigOct 18, 2017
Auf Dauer ist es langweilig. Und obwohl Golf Story die Finessen des echten Sports im Kleinen gelungen nachahmt: Die Steuerung ist umständlich, die mangelnde Übersicht eine Zumutung und man darf nicht einmal klassisch Golfen. Schade, aber so sympathisch mir der Mix aus Rollenspiel und Sport tatsächlich ist, so sehr mangelt es ihm an Abwechslung und cleveren Herausforderungen.
AnagundOct 13, 2017
L’idée de devoir taper de la balle pour résoudre tous les problèmes est déjà rigolote, mais le fait que le gameplay soit à la hauteur rend le concept encore plus efficace. Golf Story est une expérience unique, le genre de petit bijou qui n’en a pas l’air, mais qui pourrait être un de vos jeux préférés de l’année.
Thomas PillonOct 10, 2017
Drôle, varié, généreux et technique : il y a peu de choses à reprocher à Golf Story. Opérant un parfait équilibre entre des gestes techniques et une exploration bien amenée, le premier jeu de Sidebar Games marie à merveille les deux gameplays, pour donner vie à une aventure équilibrée, complète et jouissant d'une mise en scène tout simplement délicieuse.
Vladyslav Chernyshov Oct 23, 2017
Utilizando termos da modalidade, Golf Story tentou o “Birdie” mas ficou-se pelo “Par”. É um jogo divertido e recomendável, mesmo sem ter em consideração o seu baixo valor. Apesar do jogo não ser perfeito e ficar um pouco aquém das expectativas, tinha muito potencial para ser um dos melhores indies do ano.
Giorgio MelaniOct 12, 2017
Ne viene fuori un gioco strano, che si distingue per una grande caratterizzazione grafica e testuale, ma anche per un azzeccato incastro fra il gioco di ruolo e il golf che certamente deve qualcosa ai lavori di Camelot ma dimostra anche che c'è del grande talento in quel di Sidebar Games: un debutto che promette davvero molto bene.
Felice Di GiuseppeOct 06, 2017
Non sarà certo un Mario Golf (e in effetti nemmeno vuole esserlo), ma Golf Story è senza dubbio un gioco indie imperdibile per gli appassionati del genere e un’ottima novità per i possessori di Nintendo Switch alla ricerca di qualcosa di diverso. Sul lungo periodo il gameplay di base può stancare, ma le variazioni legate alla storia, gli elementi GdR e di disturbo rendono il tutto molto piacevole da affrontare.