Go Vacation for Nintendo Switch

Go Vacation

Jul 27, 2018
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There are all sorts of exciting ways to explore the island, from horseback to buggies, snow mobiles to inline skates. And to add to the fun, up to 4 players* can enjoy visiting and discovering every corner of the island together!

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Aug 4, 2020
This is the perfect game for me when I want to play in an open-world game, I first bought it on the Wii but there it had a blur and it was block. On the Nintendo switch you have no blur and its less blocky. It has a new animal photo book and the gps is much better.

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Kelsey JacksonNov 26, 2011
A mixed bag, then. But with fifty events taking place across four visually distinct areas you’ll find enough to keep you entertained. In terms of supported peripherals, Bandai Namco has left no stone unturned and that is commendable, but the other side of the coin is that to get the most out of Go Vacation is a very costly endeavour indeed. In fact, you could probably take yourself on holiday with all that cash.
Jemma CassonAug 02, 2018
Go Vacation is a particularly fun game that’s designed for almost everyone: single players will relish the exploration and collecting aspects; groups will have fun discovering minigames. The massive open-world nature and daily incentives provide even more to do, making this a game that encourages repeat plays. Go Vacation is definitely worth adding to your Switch collection.
Dave AubreyJul 26, 2018
Go Vacation is an incredibly basic game, in addition to being a seven year old port. But somehow, despite my initial inklings that this was a shovelware game, I actually found myself really enjoying it. I always admire local multiplayer experiences, and I was looking for one more on Nintendo Switch, and Go Vacation has somehow filled the gap. It won't keep multiplayer parties going on all night long, but it'll certainly get pulled out whenever I have four players to keep entertained.