Garage for Nintendo Switch


May 10, 2018
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Developer: Zombie Dynamics
Content Rating: Mature


Garage is a bloody shooter in the style of an 80s B-movie. Playing as a drug dealer named Butch, you stand alone against hordes of the living dead. Explore every dark corner of an underground parking garage and discover a passageway to a supernatural world that has never seen the light of day. Find new weapons and master them in order to survive. Solve the mystery of this cursed place and the creatures that inhabit it.

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Critic Reviews

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Jamie WardMay 20, 2018
Once all is said and done, I can’t help but feel like Garage could have been so much more. It has some great aspects, don’t get me wrong, but the potential is there for all to see and maybe some extra development time was what the game needed to finetune certain things. As it is, what you will find is a game that you will have a lot of fun with, but one that also grows repetitive the more you play. I just kept thinking that there are much better games out there that share a lot of the same ideas.
Gavin LaneMay 09, 2018
Garage is – somewhat fittingly – a hodgepodge assembly of parts co-opted from cinematic and gaming sources. It offers some effective jump scares and decent top-down action against squelchy enemies. The pixel aesthetic it adopts is fine but also emblematic of the game as a whole – a well-intentioned affectation that lacks real direction or substance.
Alex CulafiMay 09, 2018
Garage is a game that, to put it bluntly, feels unfinished. Everything from the less-than-tight gameplay (in a genre all about tightness and control) to its sloppily-missing Chapter 10 makes me feel Garage could have benefitted from more time in the oven. And it’s a shame the game came out this way too, because it has multiple positive aspects and the (missed) potential to be something greater.

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