Fury Unleashed

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AdzukenMay 17, 2020
Nonetheless, every time I returned to Fury Unleashed I found myself enjoying what I played. It’s maybe not something that sucked me in and kept me glued to the screen until the end, but it entertained whenever I gave it a chance. For its price, it’s a worthwhile diversion. I just wouldn’t be surprised if nothing inside you gets unleashed.
PJ O'ReillyMay 07, 2020
Fury Unleashed takes the central gameplay loops of the likes of Dead Cells and Enter the Gungeon and infuses them with pulpy '90s action platforming resulting in one of the best roguelites currently available on Nintendo Switch.
Evan NorrisMay 10, 2020
It took five years for Fury Unleashed to find its voice, but the wait was worth it. It's a stylish side-scrolling hybrid that succeeds as both a randomized rogue-lite and a run-and-gun action-platformer. The game's two-steps-forward-one-step-backward gameplay loop can prove tiresome and its steep learning curve is, at times, frustrating, but developer Awesome Games Studio has built in plenty of safeguards — including permanent unlocks, dynamic combat, and item variety — to encourage players to try, try again.
Roy WoodhouseMay 18, 2020
All in all, it may not offer anything particularly inventive, nor is it massively long - but Fury Unleash is still bags of fun and a game that we would happily recommend to any platformer fan, especially one with a friend to hand as we really liked the addition of the local co-op mode.
Sean SmithApr 28, 2020
Apart from some at times tiny writing on the Switch handheld, Fury Unleashed looks sublime, has riffage for days, and represents an excellent run and gun wormhole to disappear down.
AthanasiosSep 16, 2020
The slightly slower loading times, and the lack of the mouse and keyboard option, is not enough to turn this into the lesser version. This ultra-fun, over-the-top homage to action remains equally as entertaining in its new, hybrid home. The controls are excellent, the vibrant, comic book visuals are great, and the RNG adds the right amount of chaos to a game where skill is at the forefront, despite the existence of experience points and randomised loot.
Harry FritschMay 12, 2020
Fury Unleashed excels at taking different elements from popular genres and mixing them into a final product that epitomises the “one more time” mentality. Everything in its look and design is loud and appealing to anyone looking for a homage to the brotastic run and gun classics from years gone by. I will be coming back to this one quite a bit in the coming months, even if its addicting nature will leave a permanent image of the game plastered onto my subconscious.
James TroughtonAug 09, 2020
There’s a charm that glitters in the design of Fury Unleashed as it truly embraces its comic inspirations. It might not be the perfect rogue-lite, nor is it the best that’s just dropped, but it certainly has its place with a refreshing story told by refreshing means and plenty of meat on the bones to make it a worthwhile venture.
chiconuclearMay 12, 2020
La suma de todas las partes que componen Fury Unleashed es menos que algunas de ellas por separado, examinadas y apreciadas por separado. Se le acaba cogiendo cariño, que no es poca cosa, por su buen humor y la audacia con la que propone algunos temas; un poquito más de equilibrio en su fórmula habría sido perfecto para que el sentimiento fuera instantáneo o más duradero.
Sergio MartínMay 11, 2020
A pesar de tratarse de la enésima producción de estilo roguelite que aparece durante esta temporada, los miembros de Awesome Games Studio han conseguido recrear un título que seguramente llamará la atención de un grupo importante de jugadores gracias a su estilo artístico en plan cómic animado y su disposición jugable 2D run’n gun que pusieron tan de moda Contra o Metal Slug entre otros grandes clásicos del género.
Fabien PellegriniMay 12, 2020
Oh que ce petit jeu est plaisant ! Qu'il s'agisse des graphismes tout droit sortis d'une bande dessinée, du gameplay dynamique à souhait, des armes variées, des boss nombreux, ou encore du scénario légèrement "méta", tout fonctionne très bien dans Fury Unleashed. Même l'aspect rogue-lite ne se montre jamais rébarbatif.
Julien InvernoJun 09, 2020
Si Fury Unleashed ne brille pas vraiment par le charisme de son univers et de sa direction artistique assez insipides, il propose une expérience de jeu relevée et qui offre de bonnes sensations. Un défouloir sympa.
Domenico MusicòMay 24, 2020
Fury Unleashed è esattamente il tipo di gioco in grado di intrattenere e offrire un buon livello di sfida in un periodo come questo in cui le uscite si contano ancora col contagocce. Roguelite moderno con un occhio rivolto a perle del passato come Contra e Metal Slug, l’opera di Awesome Game Studios si affida a un sistema di combattimento basato sulla rapidità e a un sistema di combo che spinge il giocatore a un approccio aggressivo per ottenere il massimo dei vantaggi.