Floor Kids for Nintendo Switch

Floor Kids

Dec 7, 2017
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Developer: MERJ Media
Content Rating: Everyone


Floor Kids is a unique breakdance game featuring dance battles, freestyle gameplay, and funky beats. Discover original hand-drawn animation by JonJon, a fresh soundtrack by Kid Koala and innovative controls that allow you the freedom to play the way you like. Lead your crew of bboys and bgirls through the city, unlock new characters

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May 7, 2021

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14 Reviews
Morgan SleeperDec 17, 2017
Dizzyingly stylish and crazy fun, Floor Kids is an absolute joy. Its DIY-dancing gameplay grants players a freedom seldom seem in rhythm games, and that gamble completely pays off; instead of tapping along to the beat, you’re tapping into a sense of flow, creativity and fun to make your own moves, and that’s both immensely satisfying and wholly unique. Whether you’re a wannabe breaker or a music game guru looking to dance to a different drum, Floor Kids is a killer cut.
Kevin MersereauDec 28, 2017
Ultimately, what we’re left with is a somewhat flawed, yet enjoyable experience. It may lack in the variety and depth departments, but it manages to make up for its faults by offering up an absurdly stylish, good time. It may not be perfect, but it’s a very well executed idea. It’s boldly different, and it left me excited for what might come next.
Anthony BacchusDec 17, 2017
Floor Kids is a welcome addition to the Switch library. It happens to be one of the freshest gaming experiences I’ve had in a while thanks to its superb visuals, funky soundtrack, and fun-to-play mechanics. At its most basic, Floor Kids is a fun music rhythm game that’s easy to grasp. But if you dig deeper, it transforms into a more complex and challenging one that will take you by surprise. Floor Kids is something new, different, and original — and that should be reason enough to give this one a try.

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