Fire Emblem: Three Houses for Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Jul 26, 2019
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Developer: Intelligent Systems
Content Rating: Teen


Three noble houses that are part of the Officer's Academy, an elite facility that trains students in the ways of weapons, magic and special skills. As a professor, the player must choose one of these houses to lead its students in grid-based battles with life-or-death stakes. Each house is comprised of many different students to meet and train, each with her or his own personality and skills. These students can interact with each other at the academy, strengthening their bonds and supporting each other on the battlefield.

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Arv L
Dec 23, 2021

The latest installment in the Fire Emblem series was able to adapt itself towards new gameplays, and its engaging.

This time around, FE three houses, introduced a more free roaming section in the game, where ypu can do minigames, engage with characters, and just explore the monastery. It also expanded from the two paths of FE fates, to having three options in three houses (and then theres the fourth you can experience in the paid dlc).

With the roaming system, more management and a flexible apporach that can be discovered in the game, such as allocating actions in each day, and planning ahead, luckily for those who find it too tasky, this can be automated. With different ways to see the story, and interact inside and outside the battles, FE three houses provides a great reason for another replay or more.

Aug 21, 2021
This review contains spoilers.

The Greatest Tactical JRPG of All Time with Great Gameplay, Story, Music, Voice Acting with 3 Different Houses to Choose From and 4 Different Outcomes and endings with Different Boss fights and I only Played Edelgard Black Eagles 🦅 House with both outcomes of choosing Edelgard Side wish I think is the Good Side and Rhea Side wish I think is the Evil Side of Church of Seiros lead by Rhea. Can’t Wait to Play The Blue Lions 🦁 Lead By Dimitri and The Golden Deers 🦌 Lead By Claude. The Protagonist Name is Byleth Male or Female and You’re The Professor 👩‍🏫 of the Monastery's Officers Academy which is the Home of the Church ⛪️ of Seiros. Byleth is The only person besides the Legendary Nemesis to Wield The Sword 🗡 of the Creator: which is a Powerful Hero’s Relic. There’s a lot of Relics and Crested that Turn People into monsters in the game and Rhea can Turn into a Dragon 🐉. The Death Knight/Jeritza A Weirdo that want to Fight you to the Death and the Flame 🔥 Emperor/Edelgard The Princess 👸 and Future Ruler of The Adrestian Empire with her Good Reasons to Steal the Crested from The Church of Seiros.

  1. GamePlay: 10
  2. Story/Characters: 10
  3. Music/Sound: 9
  4. Voice Acting: 10
  5. Graphics: 8
Nov 20, 2021

I love so much this game

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Jenni LadaJul 31, 2019
Fire Emblem: Three Houses is both an absolutely splendid entry in the series and strategy game in general. It has a great division of labor between its school and battlefield segments. The characters are all quite likeable. The three storylines are different enough to beg additional replays, as is the promise of knowing everyone has unseen potential to become the units you want them to be. It’s a fantastic game that will easily become one of the NIntendo Switch’s most memorable titles.
Kat BaileyJul 25, 2019
Fire Emblem: Three Houses soars on to Switch with a fully-realized school setting, deep character customization, and multiple full-length campaigns. While it loses momentum in the second half, it still manages to come off as a striking reinvention of the well-worn Fire Emblem formula. That makes its first real console appearance in more than a decade a triumph.
Andrew DonovanJul 25, 2019
Fire Emblem: Three Houses brings the tactical and emotional goods to the Nintendo Switch; despite some rough spots, this entry is a series best.

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