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Richard SeagraveSep 20, 2018
Personally, I’m delighted that Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has made its way to consoles. It may not have the cutting-edge visuals of its full-fledged source material, or its open world, but it certainly has its soul. It distils the important bits of Final Fantasy XV into a more concise package that’s easier to pick up and play. So, whether you make it the only way you experience Final Fantasy XV‘s story or a companion piece to the main event, it’s worth doing.
Alex SeedhouseNov 04, 2018
For those that have already wandered the world of Eos, there is little reason to relive the crown prince’s journey in Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD. It is, however, the perfect choice for those that haven’t and, fearing the need to grind out levels, would prefer to play this condensed option. It’s not without its shortcomings, and, despite the commendable depth, battles soon descend into repetition. But, all in all, it can still charm and entertain.
Daan KoopmanSep 21, 2018
Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition HD is a weird game to review. While it doesn't exactly fill an RPG-sized hole, it’s still fun to play. The challenge might be lacking, but it is fun going through the motions. It is a game you finish a chapter of, feel satisfied and go play something else. Not too hollow, but also not too engaging. Pocket Edition is perfectly fine handheld mode junk food, which is good enough now and again.
Justin ClarkSep 30, 2018
All these things have been admirably translated, in a way far less intimidating to newcomers and logistically fascinating to veterans. You get the parts of that experience that count the most towards the narrative from Pocket Edition, and the gameplay, rudimentary it may be, has been as elegantly streamlined as possible to obtain that experience.
Mitch VogelSep 18, 2018
There’s very little reason to give Pocket Edition HD a go if you’ve already played Final Fantasy XV, and if you haven’t, we’d give this a tenuous recommendation at best. There are many moments where the live-action combat is satisfying and the cutesy visuals are charming, but this is hardly something that we’d say should be close to the top of your wish list.
Dominic LeightonSep 24, 2018
Final Fantasy XV Pocket HD is a bullet-point RPG that just about gets away with its narrow focus thanks to the charm of its lead characters, fun combat, and having been able to crib some of the original’s great production values, particularly the epic soundtrack. It’s more or less impossible to recommend to PlayStation or Xbox owners, but for Switch fans it’s a light snack before next year’s deluge of proper Final Fantasy games.
Adam RileySep 29, 2018
It is missing a lot of the finer qualities, like the fishing and the attention to detail, in exchange for a more focused story experience that lasts about 10 hours. The lack of scope, however, really does underline how weak Noctis' quest really is when all the car riding and fetch quests are cut. The meat of the story involves running a few errands and a few climaxes later on, with only a smidgen of character development.
Nick Gillham Sep 28, 2018
So, Pocket Edition means more than just taking the game to mobile. It means condensed and tweaked until anything extraneous and non-essential is removed. It’s not perfect by any means, and apart from the lack of lock on my issues with the game are nothing more than petty. As an introduction of a Final Fantasy to the Switch there probably should have been other titles first (which are coming) but this is a perfectly good appetiser before per the main course arrives.
Carlos LeivaSep 26, 2018
Si solo queréis revivir la historia de Final Fantasy XV de una forma más simple y sencilla, aunque manteniendo la fidelidad con la obra original en todo momento, en esta Pocket Edition HD encontraréis una aventura muy entretenida y aceptable a la que le pesan varios errores, como su nula dificultad y un apartado técnico y artístico que deja mucho que desear.
KaarajSep 25, 2018
Si le portage du mobile dévoile les faiblesses techniques de l'ensemble et se fait au détriment d'une maniabilité tactile à l'origine mieux adaptée à un système de jeu simplifié, cette Pocket Edition demeure une assez bonne expérience à peine gâchée par les quelques imprécisions de gameplay qui pointent parfois le bout de leur nez.
Fabien PellegriniOct 01, 2018
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition est en quelque sorte un remake à l'envers (donc un demake) de Final Fantasy XV. Plutôt que de faire rentrer au forceps un jeu trop gourmand sur des plateformes à la puissance trop restreinte, Square Enix a préféré développer une version plus linéaire, plus limitée et proposant une direction artistique simplifiée.
Christian ColliSep 28, 2018
È importante capire che il titolo Square Enix non vuole essere certo un punto di riferimento nella libreria Switch, ma una sorta di opportunità, per chi non ha ancora giocato Final Fantasy XV e magari non possiede le console o la configurazione per farlo, di conoscere una favola in cui lo sviluppatore giapponese ha creduto tantissimo, nonostante tutte le controversie che sono seguite negli anni. Se rientrate in questa categoria e apprezzate la scelta stilistica, fateci un pensierino, magari finché è scontato.