Fear Effect Sedna for Nintendo Switch

Fear Effect Sedna

Mar 6, 2018

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Content Rating: Mature


Fear Effect Sedna is a pausable real-time tactical action game. Become reacquainted with the old team of Hana, Rain, Deke & Glas in a brand new adventure. From Hong Kong to Greenland, through Inuit mythology and with new partners, will you dare to face the spirit world once again?

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Alex SeedhouseMar 05, 2018
Fear Effect Sedna has suffered from an internal conflict over whether to stay true to the originals or start over. There is an authenticity in approach that lifelong Fear Effect fans will no doubt appreciate, but, taking a step back to look at the game as a whole, even they may come to lament the many flaws that it is riddled with. It’s a shame, therefore, that it can’t outrun its demons.
Albert LichiMar 15, 2018
Fear Effect Sedna is a confusing production. It is hard to say who this game was meant to appeal to, but it is most definitely not fans of Fear Effect or Fear Effect: Retro Helix. After years upon years of waiting and seeing the aborted PlayStation 2 sequel, Inferno, never come to light, Sedna paints a bleak future for this series. It is a sloppy mess that gets off on the wrong foot, only to shoot itself in the foot right after. It is a weird hodgepodge of body horror, cyberpunk sleaze, and secret agent shenanigans that, in theory, should work, but don't.
James JonesMar 05, 2018
The story is disjointed, the dialog stilted, and the characters feel like cutouts. But all that could be forgiven if it were fun to play, but it isn’t. Bad puzzles, repetitive combat, and poorly designed encounters are constant companions. I respect the desire and the work that must have gone into making this revival a reality. I just wish the product would have been better for long-suffering fans.

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