Fast RMX for Nintendo Switch

Fast RMX

Mar 3, 2017

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Content Rating: Everyone


Jump into the driver's seat of your anti-gravity vehicle and put your skills to the test in high octane competitions. Challenge your friends to local split-screen competition or take part in online races against players from all over the world.

Critic Reviews

36 Reviews
Marcus EstradaMar 18, 2017
Anyone who enjoys racing games and owns a Switch does not have many options for games right now beyond FAST RMX. Fortunately, it should provide players with at least a dozen hours of gameplay as they work their way from the novice cups to more advanced races. Online and local multiplayer also adds some additional fun into the mix. There’s not much else to the experience, however, and some may wish that the game were a more “pure” arcade racer rather than one with additional gameplay aspects layered on top of simply racing super fast.
William MurphyMar 23, 2017
If there was any real complaint about Fast RMX, it’s that it’s missing the modern novelty of RPG progression in its racers. I’d love to upgrade them, tweak them to my liking, and customize them in general. Otherwise, this is a really stellar racer for a mere $20, and one of the best games on the Switch right now. There’s even a great 8-player online component, split screen vs mode too. Highly recommended.
Jemma CassonApr 24, 2017
A graphically stunning racing game that brings amazing levels of speed to the Switch, filling that F-Zero-sized void we sometimes feel. This is a great multiplayer title that racing fans will love.

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