Fallout Shelter

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Dan HastingsJan 01, 2019
I have no doubt that the game will get dozens of expansions over the next few years that make this game a lot more fun than it already is, but for the moment the fun will last for about a week. Since it’s free I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t download this game. You can get a solid week of enjoyment out of this game for no money at all.
Leo FariaJul 07, 2018
Fallout Shelter is an excellent companion title for whichever platform you decide to play it on and it fits beautifully with the Switch’s portability. It’s full of cute humor, it provides players with a nice gameplay loop, and most importantly, it allows you to freely play it and progress without the need of wasting extra money on time-saving microtransactions. Fallout Shelter is free-to-play done right, purely and simply.
Gavin LaneJun 18, 2018
Yes, touch functionality exists, but the experience on Switch doesn’t compare with dedicated phones or tablets, and if being able to play on the bus isn’t a concern, the PC version would be better still. Fallout Shelter is handsomely presented with a nice resource management loop that’s worthy of investigation, but it’s tough to recommend this version if you've got access to other platforms.
Ric CowleyJun 11, 2018
It's incredibly easy to lose hours of your life to the game, and you won't regret a second you spend building up your vault and getting everyone killed by roaches. But if you're still playing on mobile, or you've got a decent device, there's really not much point in making the jump to Switch.
Oliver RoderickSep 19, 2018
Fallout Shelter isn’t the introduction to the series Nintendo fans deserve. It’s a rather mediocre freemium game, and Bethesda would likely have been better served getting a main series game out on Switch first.
Preston DozsaJun 22, 2018
To a fault, Fallout Shelter is the same game that you can play on any other platforms. The gameplay loop is simple yet engaging, though the lack of variety in the mid and end game remains disappointing. For newcomers, Fallout Shelter is an okay game that can casually occupy your time. But if you’re a veteran, I can’t see any reason why you should play this version.
Jonathan BushleJun 26, 2018
Et vous pourrez emmener le jeu partout avec vous ! Sur la console de Sony, le jeu tourne au poil, les commandes, bien que déroutantes au départ, sont réussies, les chargements sont ultra rapides, tout comme les menus, et ça change vraiment de l'expérience mobile qui commençait à ralentir dès les 50 résidents atteints selon l'appareil sur lequel vous jouiez...