Fairy Tail for Nintendo Switch

Fairy Tail

Jul 31, 2020
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Developer: Koei Tecmo
Content Rating: Teen


Demons, dark wizards, dragons, and cats - players will find it all as they start your journey in the land of fiore. In fairy tail, wizards play through the adventures of natsu dragneel and lucy heartfilia, as well as other eccentric members of the fairy tail Mage Guild, on a fun-filled and thrilling quest. Gust Studios is creating the game under the supervision of author hiro mashima, promising a faithful recreation for the fairy tail world and its unusual inhabitants; including everything from magic to its iconic characters.

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Aug 20, 2021
Tom Joosten-Alting

Tom Joosten-Alting

Oct 22, 2020


Sep 18, 2020

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Mitch VogelAug 03, 2020
At the end of the day, Fairy Tail is not a great RPG. Shortcomings in storytelling, pacing, difficulty, and performance all add up to make for a less than stellar experience which consistently seems to waste its potential. The well-made combat system and the adherence to the tone and content of the source material give occasional glimpses of the much greater RPG that Fairy Tail could be, but alas, it’s never really given the chance to spread its wings.
Kenny McKeeAug 14, 2020
As enjoyable as this game was for an outsider like me, there’s no denying Fairy Tail‘s true nature as a game aimed at its pre-installed fanbase. It’s the kind of game that you excitedly dive into because you’ve been a fan of the series for so long and want to experience its story like never before. Playing it with the mindset that it’s “just another JRPG” might leave you wanting more at the end of it all, but I know for a fact that, had I already been familiar with Fairy Tail, I would have eaten everything up faster than Natsu himself.
Chris ShiveJul 31, 2020
It’s apparent that a lot of work went into Fairy Tail to ensure that it’s something fans would embrace. While its target audience is obviously fans of Fairy Tail its pacing and mechanics provide an engaging enough experience where those unfamiliar with the franchise would still find it a worthwhile experience. Taken strictly on the merits of gameplay without taking the license into consideration, it’s a good though unremarkable JRPG.

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