Fairune Collection for Switch

Fairune Collection (Switch)

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Fairune Collection for Switch
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Genre: ActionAdventurePuzzleRPGSingle PlayerCollection
Developer: Skipmore
Content Rating: Everyone


Fairune is a retro-styled adventure RPG. Our heroine embarks upon a journey to unlock three mysterious statues and seal away a great evil. Throughout the journey she will need to solve puzzles, fight monsters, discover new weapons and improve her abilities. Fairune 2 brings our heroine back for another perilous quest, this time to find a lost fairy. This sequel delivers a bigger world for those that are ready for the challenge.
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Nintendo World Report


There is a lot to like about Fairune Collection, and despite somewhat lacking RPG mechanics, an uninspired story, and some monotonous backtracking, the two main games offer a charming and accessible take on the top-down adventure genre. No deep challenge exists in any of the four games, but the in-game collections and achievements add replay value.

Jordan Rudek May 16, 2018



Fairune Collection is a deliciously big slice of brain-teasing RPG fun with a sprinkle of shmup action on top. None of the games will require a huge amount of time to complete, solving many of its puzzles feels truly rewarding and both graphics and sound will take you back to a simpler time in this industry. If you were a fan of the original outings, you will certainly like this ‘upgrade’ but if you are venturing into the realm of Fairune for the first time, heads up: you might have just discovered the perfect lazy summer afternoon game of the year.

Gonçalo Lopes May 18, 2018