Ego Protocol: Remastered for Nintendo Switch

Ego Protocol: Remastered

Feb 21, 2020
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Developer: No Gravity Games
Content Rating: Everyone


Guiding your humanoid character to safety is not easy, and to create a safe passage through the abandoned orbital station, cunning strategy and quick reflexes is required. In order to overcome enemies and obstacles, and to reach the end of each level, you can jump, shoot and manipulate the world.

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Harrison MilfeldMar 16, 2020
As a puzzler platformer, Ego Protocol: Remastered is harmless but it misses the mark in capturing your attention beyond a few minutes. The concept presented is easy to understand, but it quickly becomes all the more irritating when you think you’ve mastered the basics. Overall, unless you have an itch for a semi-neat puzzle game with a few platform aspects, consider skipping this one.
Oliver RoderickJun 28, 2020
Ego Protocol: Remastered is a puzzle title which provides more irritation than it does satisfaction. The fiddly tile-sliding proves so much of a chore that there’s little to no motivation to go on and get three-star scores on each level.
Jamie DaviesMar 14, 2020
Ego Protocol: Remastered is a tile-sliding Lemmings-like that offers about as much excitement as a geriatric knitting club. Outside of some temperamental controls and poor use of its sci-fi theme however, there’s not much to highlight as a real issue. It’s not offensive enough to incite mass riots but it still feels like a chore every step of the way.

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