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Jon CousinsFeb 14, 2018
There's a decent amount of fun to be had with Earth Wars before a degree of monotony sets in. What starts out as a pretty slick, if straightforward 2D side-scrolling brawler fleshed out by a huge wealth of loot to gather, weapons to customise and skill stats to unlock, It never moves the needle far enough in either variety or innovation to truly hold interest for extended periods. Sure, there's just enough nuance in the combat and giant bosses to slay to you keep coming back, but the uninspired missions and derivative characters never let it realise its full potential.
Zachary MillerFeb 03, 2018
And that’s pretty much the whole game. Go on missions, kill some aliens, grab some loot, and craft your way to victory. Everything except the human characters looks great and there are some nifty graphical effects here and there. Control is smooth and combat is fun, especially the bonuses you get for random things like attacking from behind, destroying enemy shields, etc. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like the loot/crafting system largely because it happens organically and you’re not hunting anything down.
Gabriel JonesMay 18, 2018
Only gamers who spend too much time on message boards even know of their existence. Earth Wars is not particularly creative or brilliant, but it works entirely within its limited means to deliver a comfortable, enjoyable experience. Every minute is spent engaged in fast-paced combat, and there's just enough to keep players occupied until something else catches their interest.
Fábio CarmoFeb 22, 2018
Earth Wars é um título sub-aproveitado a nível de enredo e cujas missões insípidas não deixam brilhar a boa jogabilidade por detrás. É competente em algumas secções, especialmente nas batalhas contra os bosses mas apenas os fãs do género vão tirar proveito do jogo.