Dust: An Elysian Tail

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Dom Reseigh-LincolnSep 17, 2018
While a handful of legacy problems persist onto Nintendo Switch, those issues aren't enough to conceal Dust: An Elysium Tail’s true quality. With a beautiful world to explore, an intriguing cast of characters and a combat model that’ll make you feel like you're starring in an anthropomorphic version of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, this is an indie gem that’s still as fun and rewarding as it was when it first slashed its way onto the scene - despite some small niggles.
Matthew OlivoSep 10, 2018
If you’re a fan of metroidvania-style games, games with a good story, or even just something to pass the time, I would absolutely recommend adding this game to your Switch library immediately. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced players alike and will leave you with hours of challenge and entertainment.
Andrew RockettSep 23, 2018
Thanks to the plethora of side quests and shorter objectives, the game can be picked up for short bursts of play, meaning it fits perfectly on a portable, though it is still, of course, an engrossing experience that can eat up hours of your time. The game itself is a few years old now, but it holds up perfectly fine. If you have not played Dust: An Elysian Tale yet, or if you just feel like revisiting it, the Switch port is a perfect destination.
Sérgio MotaOct 16, 2018
Com provas dadas nas plataformas por onde passou Dust: An Elysian Tail chega à eShop com tudo o que o tornou num dos melhores jogos indie da última década, adicionando a versatilidade do modo portátil que a Nintendo Switch lhe confere. Com um enredo curto mas bem conseguido, Dust apresenta ainda elementos visuais e sonoros de elevada qualidade.