Dusk Diver

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AthanasiosOct 24, 2019
Playing Dusk Diver isn't a bad experience. Just an unfulfilling one. There are some things to like here. Walking around the colourful Ximending district of Taipei, interacting with the small cast of main characters, and then watching them battle monsters is kind of cool. Kind of cool. At its core, Dusk Diver is a simplistic, repetitive, and uninspiring, musou-style brawler.
Thomas HughesNov 28, 2019
Dusk Diver is a game that promises a lot with it’s gorgeous visuals, but the combat ultimately falls short. Its basic combo system and missable story are not enough to even come close to some of this year’s stellar action titles.
PJ O'ReillyNov 03, 2019
It's a shame that it's let down somewhat by a pretty but very empty setting in Ximending and, outside of combat missions, much of what you do is simple padding and busywork. However, if you're a fan of this type of action game, there's plenty to enjoy here taking on endless hordes of chaos beasts, unleashing the powers of the Kunlun gods and stringing together screen-filling attacks until that combo counter explodes.
Pierre-Alexandre RouillonOct 25, 2019
Première production du studio taïwanais JERA Game Studio, Dusk Diver a profité d'une confortable période en accès anticipé pour se débarrasser de ses bugs et affiner sa proposition de beat'em up 3D qui lorgne les plus grands. Un projet ambitieux, peut-être un peu trop pour le jeune studio qui, tout en remplissant le minimum syndical, se prend quand même les pieds dans le tapis à plusieurs reprises.
André ReisMar 12, 2020
Dusk Diver é um jogo que provavelmente teria benefícios óbvios se tivesse passado mais tempo em desenvolvimento para conseguir um sistema de combate mais satisfatório e com peso por trás de cada golpe. Embora as animações sejam de boa qualidade, o sistema de combate necessita de bastantes melhoramentos para dar ao jogador vontade de regressar ao outro mundo após o final de um nível.