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Dean JamesSep 26, 2019
Even as turn-based RPGs, Dragon Quest I, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line, and Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation didn’t quite work on mobile phones without a true controller, but they feel right at home on the Nintendo Switch to go as a perfect complement to the modern Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition.
Chris ShiveSep 27, 2019
Unfortunately, as much as the modernization improves the original game it still feels primitive compared to current titles. Fans of Dragon Quest who are feeling nostalgic for the original title should check this out as this is the best way to experience it and it isn’t a huge time sink. Outside of nostalgia or historical curiosity about early JRPGs, Dragon Quest is a hard sell. Because of nostalgia, binge playing it in a single sitting for the review was enjoyable but this title shows its age and the limitations of the time too much to engage newcomers.
RobotsFightingDinosaursOct 04, 2019
The bottom line is that even with these issues, Dragon Quest is still worth the $5 you'll spend on it. It's legendary for a good reason, and playing through it is cozily nostalgic, even if you didn't play the original back in 1986. It's just frustrating that the team behind the Switch version didn't lower the barrier of entry.
James EvansOct 08, 2019
Dragon Quest and its next two sequels, Dragon Quest II and III, are historic JRPGs, with a special place in the hearts of many of we NES veterans. A re-release of these three classics coincides with a release of the newest entry in the series and capitalizes on nostalgia that the games engender. By and large, the re-release does the series justice, and gives an opportunity for a new generation to enjoy experiences from the early days of video gaming – for better or for worse.
Bryan RoseOct 01, 2019
The first Dragon Quest feels like a relic from the past with its incessant grinding and tiring dialogue. But it’s hard not to recommend: it does have that Dragon Quest appeal that many games in the series have, and the soundtrack and visuals (save the character models) give this release a great classic feel. There’s no doubt this 33-year-old game shows its age, but Dragon Quest presents a simple, straightforward experience that’s worth playing if you can forgive its dated flaws.
Denny ConnollyOct 14, 2019
At the end of the day, the Eldrick trilogy will likely feel too dated for gamers looking to take the first step into the world of Dragon Quest, but the games are definitely worth playing for established franchise fans who haven't already worked through them or are looking for a bit of nostalgia. The mechanics and storytelling techniques are just a bit too old school to win over new fans, but seeing the roots of the now-iconic franchise is a great experience for fans.
Stephan AdamusOct 06, 2019
Dragon Quest has beautiful graphics, an official modern translation, and plays great portably. The Nintendo Switch is the perfect way to experience this classic. So for those who are into retro gaming, or are curious about game history, Dragon Quest is a must-play.
Trevor GouldOct 10, 2019
I give Dragon Quest a point as a piece of video game history, a point for the music, another for its DNA in Fortune Street, and one more because I’m feeling charitable. But beyond that, I just think this is a subpar port of a dated game, especially with no nostalgic value attached to it. It’s definitely not for me. With the graphical issues, I’m not even sure it’s for fans either.
Sayem AhmedOct 15, 2019
Unfortunately, the technical issues and art do take away enjoyment from playing this otherwise fantastic retro throwback. While diehard fans of the series may enjoy it, a more casual player might be a little bit lost when faced with its 30-year old design.
Remington JosephSep 30, 2019
While I’d like to encourage playing through all three of these titles before diving into Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition for maximum appreciation of the latest entry, it would be difficult to push potential fans towards any but the third game without running the risk of turning them off the series altogether. Dragon Quest and Dragon Quest II are like fine art pieces to be looked at in a museum, while Dragon Quest III is the only game in the trilogy that can earnestly stand up next to other JRPGs without appearing dated.
Thomas PillonNov 01, 2019
Ceux-là (re)découvriront les plaisirs simples d'une formule à l'ancienne, simple et addictive, entrée depuis dans la légende. Avec une difficulté revue à la baisse et des orchestrations magistrales des compositions de Sugiyama, les fans trouveront là autant de bonnes raisons de rattraper en accéléré tout un pan de la culture vidéoludique nippone, malgré l'absence de bonus flagrante.
Marcello PaolilloOct 16, 2019
Al netto della sua impostazione da JRPG preistorico (sia dal punto di vista tecnico che come ossatura ludica), Dragon Quest I per Nintendo Switch ha dalla sua quel fascino indiscutibilmente retro che non potrà non mandare in brodo di giuggiole i fan più sfegatati, o magari anche molti giocatori più giovani che hanno imparato a conoscere la serie “rivale” di Final Fantasy solo in epoca moderna (magari proprio con il bellissimo Dragon Quest XI S: Echi di un’era perduta). Questo perché non si può conoscere il presente senza avere avuto a che fare con il passato.
Theo WeberOct 20, 2019
Dit laatste is dan ook hoe je deze Dragon Quest 1, 2 and 3 Collection het beste kunt omschrijven: oude games. De games zijn prima te spelen en zullen voor tientallen uren aan vermaak zorgen. Hou alleen wel in je achterhoofd dat er elementen in de game zitten die destijds revolutionair waren, maar nu voor oponthoud zorgen. Deze collectie is dan ook vooral leuk voor de Dragon Quest fan en de uitgelezen kans om kennis te maken met het begin van de toffe franchise.


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