Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Builders

Feb 9, 2018
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Developer: Square Enix Business Division 5
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Generations ago, the realm of Alefgard was plunged into darkness by the terrible and treacherous Dragonlord, ruler of all monsters. Mankind was robbed of the power to build and forced to wander the ruins of their former home, scrounging and scavenging in the dust to survive. Now it’s up to you, a Legendary Builder chosen by the Goddess herself, to return the power of creation to the people and rebuild Alefgard.

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Arv L
Nov 10, 2021

Building games are enjoyable to play, but DQB is more than that

because it combines building, battling, and certain shared features.

One of the games that kept me engrossed for long and unanticipated periods of time.

The tale is lighthearted, and the battles are not complex, but they are entertaining enough,

since the game's main selling point is the ability to create!

I'm looking forward to playing the sequel, and I have great hopes.



May 30, 2021


May 7, 2021
Russell Rogers

Russell Rogers

Apr 23, 2021


Jun 13, 2019

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Dave AubreyFeb 07, 2018
A lovely art style combines with some great crafting mechanics in this delightful RPG. It really is the best Minecraft-like I’ve seen, and with the charming Toriyama art style and more structured progression system, it’s a game you can play for hours. Recommended for young gamers, Dragon Quest fans, and anyone looking for something new on Nintendo Switch.
Shubhankar ParijatFeb 23, 2018
Dragon Quest Builders manages to infuse the charm and personality of Dragon Quest with the addictiveness of Minecraft excellently. It runs very well on the Switch, and the lower 720p resolution isn’t all that noticeable either, thanks to the game’s reliance on a colourful art style rather than a more photorealistic approach, while the system’s added hook of portability also makes it an inherently more convenient and accessible experience.
Daan KoopmanFeb 07, 2018
Dragon Quest Builders as a package is all kinds of fun. The way you build up towns and explore the worlds is a true time sink for many hours. I found myself constantly looking for materials, quests, or items to push towards a 100% completion. That doesn't mean everything is grand, mind you. The lack of significant updates to the camera or bosses left me sour more than I would like to admit. These problems can be forgiven in time, but the smaller chapters constantly offer clear reminders of the problems.