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Justin SharpNov 17, 2017
If you’re looking for a change of pace on the Switch and have been searching for a shooter game with amazing multiplayer options, I’d definitely recommend giving DOOM a try—hopefully they’ll release a demo in the future for those on the fence.
Filip MiucinNov 09, 2017
Doom for Nintendo Switch is a straightforward port that runs well and looks pretty good. Which ultimately, is everything it needed to be. Even though it’s a little fuzzy, smashing through a legion of demons with a fun set of weapons and upgrades feels great, and especially when you throw in arcade mode and the much-improved multiplayer arena battles, this is the best mature-themed shooter you can currently get on the Switch.
Matt BertzNov 14, 2017
Technical limitations make the Switch version the worst way to experience id’s fantastic Doom reboot, but the stellar campaign is still there underneath the layers of muddy textures and resolution dips. Despite its less attractive veneer, being able to play such a demanding game on the go is still a strong selling point.
Dave AubreyNov 09, 2017
DOOM on Nintendo Switch runs a fantastically fun, playable version of our favorite console shooter, but it can’t be denied that optimizations and the lower framerate make for a less pretty, slightly rougher version of the game. Despite that, if you want a handheld version of DOOM, I still can’t help but recommend it. It plays well for the most part and is still loads of fun and a refreshing experience, even a year and a half later.
Patrick AndersonNov 09, 2017
All of the action, all of the fun, and most of the gameplay are in your hands, in a port that definitely fulfills its massive expectations. And let’s not forget that what you give up in the Switch version is counterbalanced by what you get: the ability to take this classic action title anywhere with you, on a fully-portable platform. I spent last weekend playing Doom while waiting for the bus, and that’s something I thought I would never say.
Kyle HansonNov 09, 2017
DOOM is a game that few would have guessed would hit the Switch, yet it’s a perfect fit now that it has arrived. The less capable hardware does force a lot of sacrifices, but fewer than many might have expected. This results in a less visually pleasing game, but still a solid one that delivers on the important stuff. And the game really takes new shape when played in handheld mode, presenting one of the best looking and playing shooters ever found on a portable console.
William GallonNov 09, 2017
If you are looking for a game to blow up demons and add a solid FPS to your Nintendo library, look no further than Doom.  It packs the entire campaign and much of the multiplayer onto a portable console, meaning that you don’t need to stop fragging just because you need to leave the house.  The game’s eye candy has been reduced to match the console’s processing power, as well as feels a bit awkward using the console’s portable joy-cons rather than the pro controller.  Even so, the game is worth a playthrough and hopefully a good sign of what is to come.
Asif KhanNov 09, 2017
Doom on Switch is a triumph of the human spirit. It is just one more feather in Nintendo’s cap as third party developers are flocking to the Switch. Panic Button deserves extremely high praise for this port. It may not be perfect, but Doom on Switch offers players a new way to play one of the finest shooters to come out in recent history.
Peter BrownNov 10, 2017
There's nothing else like it on a portable system, but be prepared to face a handful of compromises, especially if you're used to playing on other platforms. It's an impressive port that begs you to consider gameplay over graphics, and it succeeds more often than not.
Justin CelaniNov 14, 2017
It’s hard to recommend Doom to those that have played it unless they fit certain criteria. If playing Doom on the go is a huge factor, it gets no better than this. It doesn’t look the clearest or run the smoothest, but 90% of the time players can still enjoy one hell of a game.
Darren PalmaNov 09, 2017
On the whole, I found DOOM quite difficult game to score. It’s a port that looks completely and utterly underwhelming on the TV and yet probably stands as the best first-person shooter out there that can be played natively and conveniently so well on the go. Some will either love or hate the Metroid Prime-style platforming and losing track on where to go next, but one thing’s for sure is that the game itself stays very faithful to the series and makes old-school first-person shooter feel predominantly new and fresh again.
Shubhankar ParijatDec 12, 2017
This may not be the definitive way to play this instant classic, but Doom on the Switch manages to capture the violent and rampaging essence of the experience very well.
Steve BowlingNov 09, 2017
DOOM is an incredible game, flaws and all. Audio issues and frame rate drops were annoying at times, but weren't dramatic enough to deter us from a beautiful, pulse-raising good time - and we imagine that future updates will at least partly solve these problems. DOOM is one of the best first-person shooters we've ever played, and is certainly the best in its class on Switch.
Jordan HelmNov 09, 2017
It’s clear, beyond the obvious limitation with resolution and frame-rate, that DOOM for Switch has had to make some restrictions. Even so, for those who haven’t yet experienced one of last year’s finest, most surprising releases, DOOM even now represents one of the genre’s finest moments for some time. Clearly those who already own the game on another platform will have to think long and hard over the novel value of having a game of this caliber on the go.
Mike SplechtaNov 09, 2017
If the Switch is your main console, and you somehow missed out on id Software's fantastic throwback to a bygone era of First Person Shooters, then I wholeheartedly recommend DOOM on the Switch.
John RairdinNov 09, 2017
The teams at Id Software and Panic Button deserve immense praise and recognition for what would have seemed an impossible port. Doom was already a fantastic game when it released last year, but being able to take it anywhere with relatively few technical concessions is truly a testament to not only its developers but also the Switch itself.
Chris ScullionAug 01, 2019
Given that we’ve only had SNES and GBA versions before, this new Switch port of Doom is the best version ever released on a Nintendo system by a country mile. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, though: its annoying still-to-be-fixed DRM and its smattering of small technical issues does dampen the entertainment somewhat. That aside, if you’re looking to slay hordes of Hellspawn on the move, there’s no better way.
Alex CalvinNov 10, 2017
Bethesda has squashed its 2016 shooter onto Switch, and while it's missing some polish, it's still a lot of fun.
GameCentralNov 09, 2017
The action is excellent, with some hugely entertaining weapons and enemies. In-depth upgrade system and some clever map designs. Arcade mode is great. The single-player campaign loses steam before the end, and the multiplayer is only of passing interest. Mediocre art design. The loss of 60fps is understandable but unfortunate.
Mikhail MadnaniNov 10, 2017
Almost everything I wanted out of the port, but it is only worth picking up if you plan on playing handheld only.
Ollie ReynoldsAug 07, 2019
DOOM remains an iconic game that fans of shooters – actually, scratch that, fans of gaming – need to play to this day. This version has a few drawbacks that will no doubt sour the experience for some people, but this is by far the most authentic version of the game on a Nintendo platform so far.
Jhonatan CarneiroNov 15, 2017
Doom is a fast-paced, blood-soaked first-person shooter which pitches you in an exhilarating war against the hordes from hell. While some concessions have been made in order to make it run on the Switch, it is still pretty much the same Doom game. With almost exactly the same content as the console version, it’s made all the better for its portability.
Az EliasNov 12, 2017
A purchase of DOOM on Switch is going to come down to what exactly the individual is looking for. If you own another system capable of playing it, it is recommended to do so on there - more so if you own a high-end PC rig.
David SelnesNov 17, 2017
The fact that the studio has got Doom running on the Switch is impressive and just shows how flexible and capable the console is. It's a clear sign of how far we've gotten with handheld technology, and the 3DS pales in comparison. This doesn't change the fact that Doom on Switch is the weakest version of the game, and if you want the complete experience with both gameplay and graphics, obviously you should go for the PC version (or even grab it on PS4 or Xbox One).
Shawn LongNov 09, 2017
One other slight disappointment is the lack of gyro-controls in the game. Many Switch owners have become accustomed to gyro-controls due to games like Splatoon 2, and DOOM only offers a slight gyro-control for Glory Kills, which are melee attacks done when the enemy is flashing and weak. I didn’t try this feature out as it felt like it would be cumbersome and not add anything to the game.
Jed WhitakerNov 10, 2017
Objectively, this is the worst version of Doom, but that doesn't really matter because it is the best version on the Nintendo Switch.
Toby BergerNov 13, 2017
Doom on Switch has no right to be as good as it is. Some compromises aside, you’re getting the full, current-gen experience of Doom (minus SnapMap) on a console you can take anywhere. It’s a technical marvel that, besides a few issues, demonstrates what’s possible on Nintendo’s new hybrid.
pikamusNov 13, 2017
Even after all this time, DOOM is still a blast to play through. Making the Switch release my third time I got my ass to Mars in order to send a whole lot of demons back to hell. And Cohagen, if he's around. Being able to take it anywhere, at work, on a train, pop it in your bag, and resume later - is great. Awesome even. Portable DOOM single-player and Arcade Mode alone make it worth it for any Switch owner.
Jose A. RodríguezNov 09, 2017
Doom en Switch sigue siendo Doom, y aunque el juego hace lo mejor por ofrecer la experiencia original, el downgrade gráfico le pasa factura sobre todo de cara a quien probó (o ha visto) el de 2016 en PS4, Xbox One y PC. Un juego no obstante sólido, que necesita - eso si - bastante espacio en la memoria de Nintendo Switch y que alegrará a la vida a quienes aspirasen a tener títulos más adultos en la híbrida de la Gran N.
chiconuclearNov 15, 2017
Supongo que con todo este rollo macabeo lo que quiero decir es que aun siendo consciente de los no pocos ahogos de este «port imposible», como decía Digital Foundry, las virtudes de DOOM siguen ahí, con más legañas y algo despeinadas pero perfectamente reconocibles.
ClaudioNov 09, 2017
Me parece increíble que de alguna manera lograron mantener intacta toda la brutalidad y combate frenético de DOOM para esta versión. Es decir, en gameplay y mecánicas no sufre, de hecho que se haya respetado dichos aspectos en su totalidad es lo más importante por sus mecánicas combinadas entre la vieja escuela con elementos de los FPS modernos.
Alfonso ArribasNov 09, 2017
Sin embargo, poder disfrutar en Switch de la campaña y el multijugador con todo el contenido lanzado hasta la fecha y utilizar las funcionalidades portátiles de la consola, es una auténtica gozada. Por lo tanto, aunque no estamos ante la mejor forma de jugar a DOOM, la experiencia final cumple con lo prometido.
Luis SánchezNov 16, 2017
DOOM para Switch no es como otras versiones; es inferior gráficamente y su jugabilidad se puede ver comprometida por las constricciones de tamaño de los mandos análogos, sin embargo, es una de las mejores entregas de 2016 y constituye un logro técnico por cuenta propia que luce, se siente y se juega de forma excepcional.
Alejandro PascualNov 15, 2017
DOOM en Nintendo Switch es un juego de dos caras. Por un lado, impresiona menos que el original y, por otro, impresiona tanto o más debido a tenerlo funcionando entre tus manos. Sus características técnicas han sido recortadas para poder ejecutarse en la consola, por lo que a la hora de recomendarlo es muy importante conocer cuánto interés tienes en jugarlo en portátil para sacarle todo el partido.
Mathias OertelNov 13, 2017
Natürlich kann die in einigen Bereichen an die schwächere Hardware angepasste Kulisse nicht mit den Versionen für PS4, One oder dem PC mithalten. Doch was die prinzipielle Dynamik der Ballerei alter Schule betrifft, zeigt sich Doom so gut wie auf den anderen Konsolen.
Damien GreffetNov 13, 2017
Finalement, la magie de la Switch opère dès qu'on retire la console de son Dock. En jouant sur l'écran de la tablette, les graphismes deviennent tout de suite plus acceptables, tandis qu'on prend un pied monstre à pouvoir aligner les frags dans le métro, ou les fesses posées sur le trône.
Jonathan BushleNov 13, 2017
Le portage montre peu d'intérêt pour qui y a déjà joué, mais si vous étiez passé à côté de lui l'an dernier et que le côté nomade vous attire, cette version Switch est une excellente alternative qu'on ne peut que vous conseiller, son existence étant en soi une vraie petite victoire.
dafransNov 09, 2017
Ce reboot de Doom est en fait un coup de Poker à moitié réussi. Tout d’abord, nous avons un mode solo défoulant à souhait, reposant sur une recette allégée du Fast-FPS. Malgré la faiblesse d’un scénario qui se prend vite les pieds dans le tapis, cette aventure a le don de proposer autre chose.
GautozNov 10, 2017
Prêt à tous les sacrifices au nom de la fluidité, Doom fait ceinture et bretelles pour tourner convenablement sur le matos tablette de la Switch et le résultat visuel ne sera évidemment pas au goût de tout le monde.
André ReisNov 27, 2017
Com uma campanha espetacular, um modo multijogador aceitĂĄvel e um performance bastante boa e consistente na Switch, Doom ĂŠ uma excelente conversĂŁo para a primeira entrada da Bethesda na nova consola da Nintendo.
Tommaso ValentiniNov 10, 2017
Doom è l'ariete che apre le porte all'arrivo delle terze parti su Switch, è la dimostrazione che con qualche sacrificio anche i tripla A possono fare molto bene sulla console Nintendo, ma resta comunque un primo passo di una rivoluzione appena nata. Possiamo premiare l'impegno e lo sforzo, mentre attendiamo Wolfenstein 2 con trepidazione, sperando in un lavoro ancora più ricercato.
Gianluca ArenaNov 09, 2017
Com'era lecito attendersi, la versione Switch di Doom è la meno performante e la meno bella da vedere tra quelle fin qui disponibili sul mercato, ma è anche l'unica che consente di abbandonarsi al massacro catartico senza limitazioni spazio/temporali.
Francesco DestriNov 10, 2017
Nulla da ridire sui contenuti (c’è tutto quello che è uscito finora), ma anche la grafica e la fluidità si difendono bene nonostante gli inevitabili compromessi dovuti all’hardware di Switch e gli stessi controlli con i Joy-Con, una volta che si è trovato il giusto compromesso tra precisione e sensibilità, non sono poi così drammatici come si pensava.
Rick DijsNov 15, 2017
Ondanks de verminderde grafische kracht en sporadische framedrops, is DOOM op de Switch een goede game. Het schieten van demonen op je handheld, terwijl je onderweg bent of lekker in bed ligt, werkt goed en is fantastisch om te doen.
Sander NoordijkNov 09, 2017
DOOM staat als een huis en is dezelfde gruwelijke singleplayer shooter die je, als geen ander, oppermachtig laat voelen. Het feit dat je deze game nu ook portable kunt spelen is daadwerkelijk indrukwekkend, al komt het met een prijs. Dat de Switch niet de beste plek is om de game te ervaren zal niemand verbazen, maar er moet gezegd worden dat de game grafisch een behoorlijke tik te verwerken krijgt – in het bijzonder in handheld mode.