Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition

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Dan LipscombeMay 24, 2018
The visual style works brilliantly on the Switch in both handheld and docked. The bold outlines are eye-catching and the muted colour palette lends the game a sense of mystery. Having the full experience of Don’t Starve on the move is wonderful and the day/night cycle is just the right length to hop on and play during a break in your real life. As survival games go, this is one of the best you will find for the Switch.
Mitch VogelApr 25, 2018
A distinct visual style, countless hours of randomized gameplay, and an open ended nature that favors boldness combine to make this an easy suggestion. If you still haven’t gotten around to playing Don’t Starve, this is one of the best versions you can get.
Emily SowdenApr 18, 2018
Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition is perfect for survival and strategy-lovers, but it could've used a couple more weeks in testing to nip those pesky bugs in the bud. Though it's as fun as ever there's nothing different about this version and, especially if you've already sunk hours and hours into the game on PC, console, or mobile, there's no real need to pick this up again. I mean, unless you want to own it on the Switch.
GameCentralApr 16, 2018
The premise is interesting and the game looks great. Deep crafting system and an impressively interactive environment. The expansions greatly expand the variety and scope of the story. Permadeath just doesn’t seem very fair in context, and only underlines how repetitive the game can be in the early stages. Quite expensive, especially without the co-op expansion.
Renan FontesApr 16, 2018
Without a doubt, Dont' Starve is the gold standard as far as the survival genre is concerned. Every playthrough is a mentally demanding endurance match to stay alive, and it's a better game overall for it. Although it's easy to fall into routine a few hours in, the sheer potential and scope of each run ensures there's seldom a dull moment.