Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

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Ozzie MejiaMay 01, 2018
Tropical Freeze isn't perfect by any means, but having run through it a second time, I feel like it's aged well in the last four years. The challenge can be soul-crushing, but it's satisfying to finally make it across that one jump or beat that one boss. There are enough tools available to make the journey a little bit easier this time around, but not so much to completely diminish the challenge outright.
Dave AubreyMay 01, 2018
It's a shame, but like many Wii U ports that have popped up on Switch, this is an incredibly high-quality title that frankly doesn't give players enough of a reason to play it again. If you never played this game before and never owned a Wii U then it's a great game to play and you'll adore the challenge, but if you've played it all before, like me? Fun to revisit, but hardly essential.
Alex OlneyMay 01, 2018
It’s so well-made that it’s almost too well-made; there's an absence of a certain 'rough-and-ready' charm found in the original DKC trilogy. This is, however, a complaint so minor it's practically insignificant. Donkey Kong’s first appearance on Switch is streamlined, rewarding, and immensely good fun; any fan of 2D platformers simply has to get this game.
Seth MacyMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze's addition of Funky Mode makes it more accessible without reducing the formidable platforming difficulty to a walk in the park. There's still a lot of challenge, even with the extra help Donkey’s Funky uncle affords. But the Switch version manages to take just enough of an edge off a punishing game to let the fun platforming outshine its difficulty.
Ryan MeitzlerMay 14, 2018
Plus with the high number of collectibles — puzzle pieces to find, “K.O.N.G.” letters to discover — and secret levels to discover, I don’t think it’s overstating it that players should definitely go bananas over the Switch version of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
Michael DamianiMay 01, 2018
Michael GoroffMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze makes another strong case for the argument that Nintendo needs to port every single one of its Wii U games to the Switch. DK’s latest adventure is one of the most clever, joyful platforming experiences I’ve had in a while, and it adds just enough newness to the series to keep the formula engaging without going overboard.
Richard SeagraveMay 11, 2018
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is simply fantastic. Enhanced for Nintendo Switch, it's one of the best old-fashioned 2D platformers of recent years. Perfect for gamers of all ages and skill levels, it provides a lasting challenge that's enjoyable from beginning to end. If you've got a Nintendo Switch and haven't yet experienced Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, it's absolutely essential.
Ken McKownMay 10, 2018
While the new features are a nice bonus, the core game is still here and still fantastic. Tropical Freeze was overlooked when it launched for many reasons. Now with Switch being as huge as it is, it is great to see this masterpiece get a second chance. I strongly recommend not passing this up a second time. Switch continues to make the Wii U feel obsolete daily, but it is great to see some of its best games getting a second chance.
Kyle HilliardMay 01, 2018
Going back to the original mode made me quickly remember, but as a returning tourist, I liked having a mode that let me quickly play through the whole game again. The Switch version reaffirms that Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a fantastic platformer. Having a new character to control and a handheld version of the game is great for previous owners, but the real audience is those who missed the original release.
Joseph OcasioMay 10, 2018
It's a challenging game that rarely feels unfair, and it features the same wonderful level design and variety that's made the series so iconic. The new Funky Mode is a great addition that makes an already accessible game even more so, without sacrificing much of the challenge. There's not that much for returning players, but it's still the same great game that's worth going ape over.
Peter BrownMay 01, 2018
Tropical Freeze isn't a heavy-hitter from Nintendo in the same way Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey are, but it's a fantastic platformer that's bursting with creativity and expertly designed challenges. It's tuned just right--always tough but rarely frustrating--to ensure that even the most common moments feel great. If you missed out when the game first debuted back in 2014, give it a shot today. It easily stands the test of time.
Neal RonaghanMay 01, 2018
You’re not going to find a lot of new things, but at least you know you’re going to find some awesome things all over again. Regardless of whether or not you’re down for buying Tropical Freeze on Switch, the lone certainty here is that this is the definitive version of Donkey Kong’s latest and greatest. It’s a great thing to have this awesome game playable on Switch now. And Funky’s rad.
Daan KoopmanMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was one of my absolute favorites on Wii U, and that is the same on Nintendo Switch. The levels inspire me to push harder to master them. Now combine that with a fun cast of characters and a terrific presentation, and you have the funkiest of the bunch. If you are playing it for the game, please do yourself a favor and play it in original mode first.
Jordan HelmMay 07, 2018
Though it may not provide anywhere near the kind of substantial additions to convince veterans to invest for a second time, there’s no mistaking the care and passion Retro Studios and company have put into making DK’s most recent outing one of his best. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for Switch remains a stellar platformer, both in its presentation and more importantly, its finely-tuned challenge. Grueling in its difficulty, yet cunning in its delivery more so, the necessity on getting every split-second move or decision right may put off some, but those keen to stick with it — even replay a level a few more times thereafter — will quickly discover Tropical Freeze’s loop isn’t so easy to put down.
William MurphyMay 10, 2018
There are so many great games I missed on the Wii U, since it's the only Nintendo console I didn't own. Thankfully, Nintendo seems aware that a lot of people missed these titles, and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a shining example of classic platforming with just the right amount of frustrating challenge.
James PaleyMay 01, 2018
While this is a terrific game, it doesn’t do enough to distinguish itself from the Wii U release. I’m the target audience, however. I never played the original, so all of this is fresh and incredible to me. If this will be your first time playing Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, you can scarcely afford to pass this up. With a fresh set of eyes, this is an absolute home run from Nintendo.
Shubhankar ParijatMay 14, 2018
Incredibly smart and varied level design; Very challenging; Funky Kong mode is much easier but still very enjoyable; Excellent music. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is one of the best 2D platformers of all time, and this Switch release is its best version out there.
Justin SharpJun 07, 2018
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is a delight to play. I recommend the game especially for couples. Katelyn and I have had a blast playing through the game for the second time on the Switch (we first played through on the Wii U four years ago). If you’re looking for a well-polished, incredibly fun game with some couch co-op to boot, you need to pick up Tropical Freeze on the Switch. I can’t think of a thing I would change about the game–it’s simply a masterpiece.
David CaballeroMay 01, 2018
It's an unfortunate annoyance when the game is now more accessible in several other areas, but it doesn't take away from the fact that, with time, we've truly enjoyed the whole adventure on both modes once again, and that says a lot of a game we had mastered and beaten already. It's platforming at its finest, and it's more accessible on the Switch, making it another must-have for genre lovers.
Stephen LaGioiaJun 01, 2018
Still, if you’re one of the many gamers who missed out on the Wii U and want to delve into this enjoyable and charming platformer for the first time, it’s definitely worth giving a go. It’s certainly the definitive Donkey Kong Country game as far as Retro's series goes. But it also might just be one of Nintendo’s strongest co-op platformers. Now, if we can only get a remastered version of Donkey Kong 64...
Adam RileyMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is a real delight to play, holding its appeal even several years after its original Wii U release. Switch owners have already been treated to a fantastic rendition of the Kirby series, and now the more veteran of gamers out there can get some platforming goodness with the higher difficulty and variety offered in Retro Studios' effort.
Ollie ReynoldsMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is as impressive now as it was back in 2014. Displaying gorgeous visuals, fantastic level design and a steep difficulty curve that seasoned players will appreciate, it’s a game that fully deserves a spot in your Switch collection.
Jon MundyMay 04, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze might not be the brand new Nintendo game the Switch arguably needs at this point, but the sheer extent of its quality (and the fact that hardly anyone played it on Wii U) means it deserves to be welcomed with open arms. This is nothing less than a modern platforming classic.
Mikhail MadnaniMay 01, 2018
Tropical Freeze has been given a new life on the Switch. The huge improvements to load times and resolution bump ensure newcomers will get the definitive experience of one of the best platformers out there but I still think there isn’t enough to warrant a day one purchase for people who already experienced this game.
GameCentralMay 01, 2018
Tropical Freeze felt like filler when it was first released on the Wii U and it definitely feels that way on the Switch. So make sure you know what you’re getting into or you may feel like Nintendo are trying to make a monkey out of you.
Jordan BiordiMay 02, 2018
Like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Pokken Tournament DX and Bayonetta 2l Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is another in a long list of amazing games that had the misfortune to release on a failing console. The Switch is the console these games deserved to be on, and it’s so great to see them finding new life on it.
Steve ClistMay 01, 2018
Tropical Freeze is pretty much as good as 2D platform games get. It’s not an easy game but rewards skill, and with checkpoints never too far away the difficulty is never soul-crushing. It may only be a remaster, rather than a brand new game, but when it’s as good as this, it’s very hard to be disappointed.
Shannon GrixtiMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is an exceptional platformer that feels right on the Nintendo Switch. It's one that both experienced gamers and newcomers alike will both enjoy (thanks to the new Funky Kong mode), but probably not worth it at full price for those who picked it up on Wii U.
AurelianoMay 07, 2018
Sé que muchos de los dueños de un Switch se habían alejado de las franquicias de Nintendo pero si su última aventura con Donkey Kong y sus amigos fue en el lejano SNES le garantizo que esta entrega captura su esencia de exploración y diversión y los lleva a lo más alto.
Jesús BellaMay 01, 2018
Da igual en qué consola aparezca, DKC: Tropical Freeze sigue siendo uno de los plataformas más brillantes de los últimos años. Con motivo de su llegada a Nintendo Switch no tenemos grandes novedades.
FranchuzasMay 01, 2018
Lo que sí no puede ser Tropical Freeze es una máquina del tiempo que te permita jugarlo con diez años para que construyas la clase de relación idealizada y nostálgica que quizá tengas con otros plataformas. Pero es prácticamente lo único que no puede hacer. Es el Diddy's Kong Quest de esta década, la secuela que lleva al siguiente nivel la premisa de su antecesor y te hace preguntarte cómo es que te gustaba tanto el anterior en primer lugar.
Carlos LeivaMay 01, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze es un auténtico juegazo, algo que no nos cansaremos de repetir. Si os gustan los títulos de plataformas, aquí tenéis todo un imprescindible que debéis jugar sí o también, más todavía teniendo en cuenta lo cuidada que está esta conversión para Nintendo Switch, luciendo y rindiendo genial tanto en portátil como en sobremesa.
Juan GarciaMay 03, 2018
Si lo jugaste en su momento, puede que las novedades de esta versión del juego no justifiquen que te vuelvas a hacer con él. Sin embargo, si no es el caso, y te lo perdiste, casi estás obligado a hacerte con Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, que es uno de los mejores plataformas clásicos que hemos disfrutado, seas un habilidoso saltador o novato en esta lides.
chiconuclearMay 03, 2018
Tropical Freeze está entre esos juegos en los que tengo que hacer un esfuerzo para pensar que son píxeles en una pantalla, muñecotes en tres dimensiones, unos y ceros, o como quieras llamarlo: si no, estaría convencido de que alguien ha puesto cada plataforma, cada enemigo y cada pieza de atrezzo a mano.
Mathias OertelMay 02, 2018
Aber zum Glück kann man weiterhin in traditionellen Schwierigkeitsstufen losziehen und trotz der Ballon-Sicherheitsnetze werden Joystick-Akrobaten dabei ordentlich gefordert. Nintendo beweist mit Tropical Freeze einmal mehr, dass die sympathische Affenbande auch auf Switch zur absoluten Hüpf-Elite gehört und dank der erhöhten Auflösung sowie einer butterweichen Darstellung auch technisch zur Spitze zählt.
PuyoMay 02, 2018
S'il pêche par manque d'innovations et d'audace, Tropical Freeze compense aussitôt par son level design incroyablement varié et son challenge calibré pour le speedrun. Un jeu de plates-formes remarquable, même s'il laissera un arrière-goût de déjà joué. A moins qu'il ne s'agisse de celui, plus amer, de la défaite.
Laurely BirbaMay 02, 2018
Enfin, n’oublions pas de signaler deux choses : l’utilisation des vibrations HD pas aussi fine que dans Super Mario Odyssey, et la possibilité de jouer à deux sur la même console avec deux Joy-Con. Comme il n’y a pas grand-chose d’autre à dire sur ce portage Swich, il nous semblait important de le notifier.
AnagundMay 01, 2018
Si son level design est un modèle du genre, la progression est parfois un peu gâchée par une difficulté mal dosée, malheureusement pas compensée par un mode coop qui passe à côté de son sujet. Toutefois, je le conseille sans hésitation aux joueurs téméraires et plus globalement, à tous les possesseurs de Wii U. Derrière Super Mario 3D World et Rayman Legends, le meilleur jeu de plates-formes sur la machine de Nintendo.
Yann BernardMay 01, 2018
Évidemment, le surcroît de santé récupéré dans les tonneaux et les réductions tarifaires au magasin facilitent les expéditions, qu'il s'agisse de glaner les items ou simplement de terminer les niveaux, quitte à survoler certains stages - d'autant qu'on a désormais loisir de passer directement au suivant après la perte d'une huitaine de vies.
Sérgio MotaMay 10, 2018
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze mantém todas as características que fizeram dele um dos melhores jogos de plataformas da ultima década, adicionando melhorias técnicas, compatibilidade com HD Rumble, e um novo modo de jogo que o torna mais acessível a um público menos experiente, mantendo o conteúdo original intacto para o resto dos jogadores.
Gianluca ArenaMay 01, 2018
Quattro anni or sono, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze aveva fatto innamorare il buon Pregianza sulle pagine di Spaziogames grazie alla qualità delle sue meccaniche di gioco, alla precisione chirurgica del suo level design, alla grande quantità di contenuti e, non ultimo, al sostenuto livello di sfida.
Marco PerriMay 01, 2018
Tropical Freeze su Switch non è una remaster, è piuttosto una riproposizione di un titolo sottovalutato e sottoesposto ai media al tempo e che oggi merita molto più di altri una seconda chance. Con Funky a risolvere i problemi di difficoltà per i meno avvezzi e la miglior pulizia grafica, l'arrivo su Switch dello scimmione permette - più che in passato - di godere in maniera completa di un gioco strepitoso, grazie a una portabilità perfetta per il genere platform a due dimensioni.
Mattia RavanelliMay 01, 2018
Oggi come ieri, però, all'ultima avventura di DK manca quella voglia di osare, quel gusto per la sorpresa che poteva rendere il gioco qualcosa di più della semplice somma delle sue parti. Un calcolo che oltretutto deve tenere conto di alcuni momenti particolarmente riusciti e azzeccati, ma anche di qualche panorama meno godibile. Se cercate un gioco di piattaforme tradizionale e molto impegnativo, comunque, lo avete trovato.
Олег БеляевMay 10, 2018
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze способна возродить в вас маленького ребёнка. Это великолепная игра, которая подойдёт буквально всем. К тому же, её можно без каких бы то ни было проблем показывать собственным детям. В ней нет ни капли насилия, она чертовски веселая и за счёт Funky Mode легка в освоении. Однозначный Must Buy для всех обладателей Nintendo Switch.
Theo WeberMay 01, 2018
Zoals we gewend zijn van Donkey Kong Country games is er ook genoeg uitdaging te vinden. De komst van Funky Kong maakt de game net wat toegankelijker voor de kleintjes, terwijl er voor oudere gamers nog steeds genoeg eer te behalen valt. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze moet simpelweg in je collectie zitten!
Sander NoordijkMay 01, 2018
Ook op de Nintendo Switch is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze een fantastische platformer. De prachtige graphics, meeslepende muziek en geweldig level design van de Wii U-versie blijven ook Nintendo’s handheld uitstekend overeind. De nieuwe opties maken de game toegankelijker dan dat deze in 2014 was, maar laat ruimte voor de spelers die dit niet willen. Tropical Freeze was een must buy en is dat op de Switch nog veel, veel meer.