Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality for Nintendo Switch

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality

Nov 25, 2021
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Developer: Just Add Water
Content Rating: Teen


Built with current and next-generation consoles in mind, Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality features new worlds to explore, new puzzles, new challenges and new gameplay. Uncover a universe-spanning threat as you seek to save reality from a series of time-breaking glitches. Continue the story that began in The Edge of Time and partner with the Doctor to unearth a greater mystery.

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Dan HastingsNov 09, 2021
Doctor Who: Edge of Reality had the potential to be a really good game. The actual actors behind the doctors were on board to do the voice work. The story had a strong premise and there are 100s if not 1000s of episodes of Doctor Who to draw inspiration from. What we ended up with was a massively rushed, half baked experience that tried to cram as many classic Doctor Who references into a game that has no mechanics to make any use of it.
John RairdinDec 07, 2021
Doctor Who: Edge of Reality is a bit like a hastily put together reunion show. They’re hitting all the beats you’d expect, and you’ll see every fan favorite make an appearance, but the story itself feels like cobbled together, mediocre fan-fiction rather than something from one of the most celebrated science fiction shows of all time.
Stuart GippDec 14, 2021
A bijou Doctor Who experience, Edge of Reality is impressively dedicated to the beloved TV show but unfortunately suffers in its transition from VR exclusive to traditional console game. Limited inputs and fetch-questy scenarios hardly inflame the imagination and it's not until the game's last quarter that things start to feel more tailored for the Switch — because they are.

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