Disney Classic Games Collection for Nintendo Switch

Disney Classic Games Collection

Nov 23, 2021

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Developer: Nighthawk Interactive
Content Rating: Everyone10+


BOTH 16-Bit Console Aladdin Games included for the first time since their original release; By popular demand, two completely different and equally adored Aladdin games are finally available and enhanced for modern consoles. Modern Features: Rewind any of the games in real-time to retry difficult areas, view full game playthroughs with the ability to skip forward, start playing at any point, and save your progress and continue your adventure wherever and whenever you want. Museum Features: Take a journey behind-the-scenes and learn more about the creation of these incredible games; Watch video interviews with the original development teams or explore. Display Options and Updated Visuals; 1080P graphics and enhancements for modern HD TVs; Adjustable screen aspect ratios and borders; Custom filter options designed to replicate classic CRT TVs and other popular screen types

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Stephan AdamusDec 16, 2021
The Disney Classic Games Collection is very thorough and fantastic. If you have any nostalgic love for these games, then this collection is the best way to play them, and if you’re a younger gamer, who is at all curious as to why some of us adults have a special place in our hearts for 90s 2D platformers, then this collection would be an excellent place to find out. Hopefully this release leads to future Disney Collections. My fingers are crossed for a Mickey Mouse bundle featuring the Magical Quest trilogy, Mickey Mania, the Castle and World of Illusion games, and the Japanese-only Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daibōken game. A kid can dream, right?
Trevor GouldDec 20, 2021
If you own the original, it’s well worth the $9.99 update with DLC. At the same time, those on the fence waiting (hoping) for SNES Aladdin, it’s finally here to offer the best of both 16-bit worlds. The Jungle Book (Genesis version) is icing on the cakes. Disney Classic Games Collection: Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book is an easy recommendation for 16-bit fans.
Neal RonaghanJan 12, 2022
As far as if this DLC is worthwhile, it is if you want to play Super Nintendo Aladdin or have fond memories of the Jungle Book game. Aladdin holds up as a great platformer of the era, but Jungle Book simply does not. All of the museum extras are incredible, but might not be as worthwhile unless you’re interested in the history and legacy of these games.

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