Disco Dodgeball Remix

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Richard AtkinsonMay 21, 2018
The bright, flashing lights - and admittedly catchy thumping club music - coupled with an eye-watering amount of modes and game/bot customisation isn’t quite enough to dress up what essentially feels like a promising idea that’s vastly undercooked. A little more time in the oven - and with a more appetising and interesting main course - and Disco Dodgeball could have been a much stronger option on the small, but rapidly growing menu of online-focused games for Switch.
Neal RonaghanMay 23, 2018
Multiplayer is where the mileage of this game is, and if you can get into this with friends, it can be glorious. Otherwise, it’s a really funny concept that might only hang around for a night or two of laughs. That’s totally fine, especially because the name Disco Dodgeball Remix is still humorous by its very existence.
Evan NorrisMay 21, 2018
Super Dodgeball Deluxe is visually and thematically different enough to stand out in a sea of shooters, and sufficiently fun to keep it in your regular rotation. Gamepad controls aren't as responsive as possible, and online communities might dry up, but there are enough offline modes, game types, and bot customization options to warrant a recommendation.
Shane JuryOct 10, 2018
An odd combination of automatons and a reflexive sport turns out to make for a pretty fun and addictive experience, overall. Disco Dodgeball Remix on Nintendo Switch doesn't quite have the player count necessary for a truly chaotic time online, but more than makes up for it with competent AI foes, a boundless list of modes and parameters to choose from, and sufficient offline options to enjoy.
António BranquinhoNov 20, 2018
Em suma, o aspecto visual e o aspecto sonoro mereciam um jogo mais polido em termos de opções e torneios. Sim, é possível fazer partidas de "mata" e encontram-se aqui desafios distintos, a componente online (caso se encontre alguém) é interessante mas… sente-se que falta algo que torne este jogo realmente em algo de cativante.


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