Devious Dungeon for Nintendo Switch

Devious Dungeon

Mar 30, 2018
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Developer: Ratalaika Games SL
Content Rating: Teen


Set in the Dark Ages, Devious Dungeon is a medieval focused action platformer title. Under orders by the King, players assume the control of a Knight instructed to head into the catacombs beneath the Kingdom, to slay the fowl beasts and monstrosities that have invaded the murky depths. You must venture deep within the dungeons eliminating the threat! Slay monsters, collect loot, level up and upgrade your gear. Only a true champion will be victorious!

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Dan LipscombeApr 10, 2018
The story is weak – a few lines at the beginning and the end, the pixel art is nice and the changing avatar when applying new gear is a sweet touch. So much more could have been done with the hero to open up multiple playthroughs, even something as simple as allowing different classes of hero. The mechanics are there in the enemies after all. The idea is very good, but the execution is sloppy. Most of my time with Devious Dungeon saw me walking through levels destroying everything in sight for coins, then buying the next best gear I could get, before grinding through the next batch of levels.
Joel A. DeWitteMay 08, 2018
The highest praise and most damning criticism I can give Devious Dungeon is that it is functional and something I could burn time with at a doctor’s office or in a plane. With the consistent stream of games coming to the Switch, you’re better off waiting to see if one of its better contemporaries gets released.
Dom Reseigh-LincolnApr 09, 2018
Devious Dungeon is far from a bad game. Its feedback loop of exploration, levelling up and gear acquisition makes for a fun and rewarding experience for the first few hours, but its lack of tangible depth ultimately torpedoes the endless potential of its randomly built dungeons. Still, for less than £10, there are certainly worse dungeons to explore.

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