Devil May Cry

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Tyler TreeseJun 25, 2019
It definitely wears its shortcomings on its sleeve, and a few tweaks would have made this a much better playing game in 2019. But the original still has merit thanks to the fantastic combat system that would not only be the basis for the rest of the series, but the genre as a whole.
Cody MedellinOct 21, 2019
Like many ports of some of the big games from the past two console generations, the appeal of Devil May Cry is that it's now available in portable form. There's nothing new here to tempt older fans otherwise, but what they'll find here is familiar. The switching of aspect ratios is odd, and the fixed camera angles and more puzzle-oriented focus will throw off some people, but for everyone who hasn't done so before, this is still a solid action game that's worth checking out.
Casey GibsonJul 06, 2019
Devil May Cry was the pioneer for character action games and despite being released 18 years ago, it still manages to stand tall among more contemporary counterparts. It certainly shows its age, most specifically in the dated platforming and at times jarring camera changes. Yet, when it comes down to pulling off combos and looking cool as hell, it hits the mark, still feeling fresh all these years later.
Dom Reseigh-LincolnJun 27, 2019
Much like Onimusha: Warlords before it, Devil May Cry preserves all the things that made it great in 2001, while systematically crystallising all of its faults. It’s a shame it wasn’t given the remake treatment gifted to Resident Evil and Resident Evil Zero – or even have some form of ‘remastering’ to optimise it for Nintendo Switch – but for fans of the series who hold fond memories of slaying demons and attaining that elusive ‘S’ rank, you can now enjoy Dante’s inaugural adventure in handheld form.
Renan FontesOct 14, 2019
For the title that essentially originated the modern hack 'n' slash genre, Devil May Cry holds up tremendously well. Although later entries would flesh out the combat even further, the original's simpler mechanics shine elegantly. Dante is a much more complex character to control by Devil May Cry 5, but his original iteration is already loaded with mechanical depth. Between Alastor and Ifrit, combat isn't hurting for variety, and the title's stellar level design keeps play-throughs fast-paced and pleasantly arcade-y in nature.
Andreas SturmJul 02, 2019
Die Dämonenjagd hat nun auch die Nintendo Switch erreicht. Für Nostalgiker sicherlich eine schöne Schnetzeljagd. Aber ehrlich gesagt, viel Mühe hat sich Capcom nicht gegeben. Das Game beruht auf der HD-Erneuerung, die 2012 auf die PS3 und die Xbox 360 kam. Im vergangenen Jahr wurde sie dann auch noch einmal auf die PS4 und die Xbox One portiert. Warum nun aber nur der erste Teil davon auf die Switch kommt ist unverständlich. Die gesamte HD-Trilogie auf PS4 und Xbox One kostet nur rund fünf Euro mehr.
CarnbeeJul 01, 2019
Devil May Cry reste un achat envisageable pour ceux qui souhaitent (re)découvrir un des meilleurs épisodes de la série, à la maison ou dans les transports. Ses mécaniques restent plaisantes malgré une caméra datée. La fluidité du titre a bien du mal à excuser les textures parfois très floues, les cinématiques en basse définition et les menus en 4:3 non tactiles. Pour fêter les 18 ans de sa première aventure, Dante aurait mérité un anniversaire autrement plus sophistiqué.