Death Cathedral for Nintendo Switch

Death Cathedral

2022 SOON

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Developer: Melancholia Studio


Death Cathedral is a very challenging action RPG with tons of strategy elements. You'll need to build a powerful army of the living dead with enemies' flesh and bones within 15 days to kill the devil lurking in the deep end of the cathedral.

Critic Reviews

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Cody MedellinNov 26, 2021
Cathedral's real sin is that there's not much to make it distinct from other Metroidvanias on the system. It nails the retro look and the need for exploration. The lack of handholding is refreshing, and the combat is rather good, especially for the boss fights. It doesn't have anything else to pull in players, aside from the fact that the world you traverse is absolutely huge. If you're a genre fan who wants something new yet familiar to work with, Cathedral is the right game.

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