Dead By Daylight

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Mary GushieOct 21, 2019
While the gameplay might seem repetitive and “done before”, Dead by Daylight is still going strong for a reason. I believe it is because of the intense atmosphere the game creates and its ability to deliver exactly what players may want, which is feeling like they are on the edge, scared, and running for their life. On the other hand, as “The Killer”, you will most likely feel that ‘rush’ as you close in and capture that last survivor before they escape and put them on the hook…literally.
Brandon AdamsSep 26, 2019
Behaviour has done the bare minimum: a mostly functional port of the full game running well enough on Nintendo’s console. I like this game; I enjoyed this port, but at the price Behaviour is charging they need to go further if they truly want Dead by Daylight for the Switch to succeed, especially when there are better ports at similar or lower prices. Competence is fine, but it’s not always enough to survive the night.
Becca S.Oct 02, 2019
I love the game, and while I was excited to get to play it on a handheld format, its lagginess, framerate issues and massive graphical downgrade mean that I just can’t recommend it on Switch. If you’re still tempted to give it a try, perhaps wait a month or two and see if any patches come out to fix some of the current painful and glaring issues. Until then, the price simply isn’t worth what you get. Stick to playing it on another format; trust me, you’ll have a much better experience.
PJ O'ReillyOct 05, 2019
It’s a straightforward and repetitive online affair that, if you're lucky enough to be matched with the right bunch of randoms or happen to be playing a custom match with friends, can deliver the goods in terms of frights and tension from time to time. However, it has also always been a pretty clunky affair, a fact which is amplified further here by the noticeable graphical downgrade, laggy menus and the exclusion of a bunch of DLC that we really feel should have been included for the steep asking price.
Justin PrinslooOct 21, 2019
Dead by Daylight has the groundwork for a great game but stumbles in its execution. It could be so much more with just a little more polish. Hopefully, it will inspire better products of this variety, because the concept contains a bundle of promise. Horror fans will find a lot to love - as long as they keep their expectations low. Nevertheless, for all its sins it is still quite addictive and undeniably fun, at least in the right conditions. It's easy to see how it has amassed a fanbase and warranted a port to the Switch.
James SweetingOct 09, 2019
Dead by Daylight makes the transition to Switch adequately, retaining all the asymmetrical horror goodness it’s known for, albeit looking a little worse for wear. The higher price is off-putting, but the flexibility of handheld play certainly helps.
Icilio BellanimaOct 15, 2019
Dead by Daylight è un po' come quei film dell'orrore anni 80 di serie B, C, o forse Z: le pecche non mancano e sono palesi, eppure il suo indubbio fascino e qualche ottima trovata gli han permesso di far breccia nel cuore di tanti appassionati, nonostante tutto. Le buone idee, come detto in passato, ci sono, ma la pigrizia con cui è stato realizzato questo porting per Nintendo Switch rende davvero difficile consigliare l'acquisto anche ai fan più sfegatati, complice soprattutto la natura online-only che depotenzia il sempre apprezzato plus di poter giocare in mobilità.
Simone PettineOct 09, 2019
Dead by Daylight resta divertente da giocare, soprattutto con gli amici, ma avrebbe meritato un trattamento nettamente migliore. Il colpo d'occhio generale è duro da mandare giù, il frame rate è instabile, glitch e sbavature vi aspettano dietro ogni angolo. È di questi aspetti che dovete avere paura, non del tizio con la sega elettrica lì dietro all'albero. Quello, poverino, sta solo facendo il suo lavoro.